A 16-year-old, second-year high school student and founder of µ's. She is always smiling, and her redeeming feature

Honoka profile

is her energy. She acts on impulse and always runs head-first into things once she's made up her mind. Any and all problems are overcome with her inherent optimism, making her the engine and driving force behind µ's.

  • Japanese Name: 高坂 穂乃果
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: August 3 (Leo)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Hobbies: Swimming and Collecting Stickers
  • Height: 157cm
  • Three Sizes: B78 / W58 / H82
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries
  • Least Favorite Food: Bell peppers
  • Main Attribute: Smile
  • CV:Nitta Emi

Side Stories Edit

What Does Summer Remind You of? (Smile R)
Honoka: I help out my family a lot over summer vacation.

Honoka: We're especially busy during Higan, so I help make ohagi!

Honoka: Ever since becoming a school idol, I've been busy with practice and training camps and haven't been at home a lot, but I still try to help out whenever I have time.

Honoka: Make sure you come and try out my handmade ohagi! ♪

If You Could Use Magic (Pure R)
Honoka: Hmm, that's a really tough question...

Honoka: I'd have to go with teleportation!

Honoka: I could get to school from home in a flash, and I could sleep in until the last second and still be on time!

Honoka: Ehehe... When that happens, I'll be sure to take you with me. ♪

Honoka: Huh? You can wake yourself up so that's not necessary?

Honoka: Oh, come on... Oversleep with me!

A Place You Want to Go to (Cool R)
Honoka: Hmm, let me think... There's plenty of places I want to go to, but I guess it'd be an amusement park!

Honoka: After all, it's the standard location for dates.

Honoka: If I were to go somewhere with you... I'd want it to be a place like that.

Honoka: Teacups... the Ferris wheel... and roller coasters! I want to go on all sorts of rides!

Honoka: ...That's my secret dream! ♪

What You Like (Bokura wa Ima no Naka de R)
Honoka: Tada! It's time for Honoka's Special Quiz~! ♪

Honoka: Let's get started! What does Honoka like?

Honoka: Singing? That's one of them. ♪ I love singing, but there's other things too! ♪

Honoka: Dancing? Yep, I love dancing! ♪ Anything else?

Honoka: What!? I-It's not that I like tripping. I just end up in that situation a lot~

Honoka: Can you think of anything else? I see~ Then it's time to reveal the answer!

Honoka: My favorite thing is eating bread!!!

Honoka: Huh? That's not my favorite thing, but my favorite food?

Honoka: I-Is that so...? Hmm... In that case... Ah, I like collecting stickers too. ♪

Honoka: What kind of stickers do I collect? If you want to see them, then come over. ♪ I'll show you my collection!

A Small Miracle (Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki R)
Honoka: A small miracle? Of course, that's participating in µ's and being a school idol!

Honoka: I had never thought of becoming a school idol before, so I really believe that this is a miracle!

Honoka: I'm so glad I invited Umi-chan and Kotori-chan! We were all inexperienced... but I always thought that things would go well.

Honoka: Ah, but this probably isn't a small miracle... It's a very, very big one! ♪

Honoka: Small miracle, small miracle... Are there any?

Honoka: Ah! Maki-chan recently gave me some bread from a foreign country. It melted in my mouth and was really tasty. Let's go with that!

Honoka: My small miracle is being able to eat delicious bread!

Honoka: I get to experience something like that once a month. Hmm, that's pretty frequent! ♪

What Does Winter Remind You of? (Snow halation R)
Honoka: Hey! ♪ Heading home?

Honoka: I was too. ♪ Let's go together~

Honoka: It feels like it's already well into winter! The trees are all bare and I can clearly see the sky. I quite like it. ♪

Honoka: Once snow starts falling, I can play with it a lot... but it doesn't snow much around here.

Honoka: I want to make snowmen with Kotori-chan, have a snowball fight with Umi-chan... and also play with Rin-chan on sleds. ♪

Honoka: Ah, as much as I like playing in the snow... I really like watching the snow fall through my window at night.

Honoka: It's really beautiful when it comes fluttering down!

Honoka: My heart races when I think about whether others are seeing the same scenery and if they're watching it together with me...

Honoka: You don't really hear people asking, "Hey, did you watch the snow fall yesterday?" so I keep it to myself.

Honoka: Ehehe, that's why I feel just a little different whenever it snows. I hope it starts snowing soon... ♪

A Wish You Want Granted (Kore kara no Someday R)
Honoka: A wish I want granted? Let me think...

Honoka: I'm having so much fun dancing and singing with the rest of µ's every day...

Honoka: I wish that these days could continue forever!

Honoka: ...But I guess that's different from something I want granted, huh?

Honoka: How about this then? I want to give my thanks to everyone out there who supports us.

Honoka: Saying thanks to each and every one of them... though I don't know if that's even possible.

Honoka: It'd be great if we could perform in all sorts of places and have our songs reach everyone.

Honoka: I want to fill our songs with feelings of gratitude and then sing.

Honoka: Of course, they're already filled now, but I think it's possible to shove even more in.

Honoka: In order for that to happen one day, and in order to pack more feelings into our songs, I'll have to keep practicing! I'll do my best today too~!

My Dream Last Night (Yume no Tobira R)
Honoka: Haa~ Life is all about the sea!

Honoka: So, umm... is this why they say that all life is born from the sea and returns to the sea when it dies?

Honoka: ...Huh? I'm in high spirits today? Ehehe, I had a really fun dream last night!

Honoka: You'll be surprised once you hear it. I dreamt that I was on a whale and floating in the sea!

Honoka: And once I got on it, it made a huge jump~!

Honoka: It leapt high into the sky... I thought that I'd be able to touch the rainbow, but that's when I woke up.

Honoka: Isn't it amazing!? I think I'm the only one in the world to have experienced that.

Honoka: Though it was only a dream, ahaha... But it was lots of fun!

Honoka: I had a nice dream, and today looks like it's shaping up to be fun too. ♪

Honoka: I'm in a great mood, so let's race to school! If you don't keep up, you're going to get left behind!

Let's Go to a Party ♪ (Music S.T.A.R.T!! R)
Honoka: Strawberries, oranges, peaaaches! ♪

Honoka: Oh, nice timing! Will you taste test them too?

Honoka: It's a juice called a fruit cocktail. There isn't any alcohol in it of course~

Honoka: The µ's parties are handmade by us all. Umi-chan, Kotori-chan, and I are in charge of the drinks this time. ♪

Honoka: We learn things we don't know about and it doesn't take much time if we all help in preparing. It's nothing but good.

Honoka: Also! If we all prepare together, we make really good memories.

Honoka: I've been dreaming of all the parties we've had until now, so I've only been having fun dreams every night~

Honoka: I want to continue having more parties and make countless more memories... ♪ All right, let's have fun today!

While Listening to Music (T-points R)
Honoka: Hey, over here~! Let's have lunch together!

Honoka: Today's classes were awful! I couldn't answer any of the questions on the classical literature quiz, and I couldn't answer when the English teacher picked on me... *depressed*

Honoka: Ah, but today is going to be a day good enough to blow all that away~!

Honoka: After school, Maki-chan's going to let us listen to the new song she wrote. ♪

Honoka: Ehehe... I can't wait to hear it... I wonder what it'll be like. ♪ Something upbeat? Or maybe something solemn?

Honoka: All of our club activities are fun... but there's something special when we listen to Maki-chan's songs.

Honoka: Maybe it's something like when we hear a new song, we create a new side of ourselves? And we want to keep doing our best.

Honoka: Oh, how about we help Umi-chan with the lyrics once we hear the new song! I'm so excited... I can't wait for classes to be over! ♪

I Want to Do More! (LLSIF vol.2 Weiss Schwarz Booster R)
Honoka: Hmm? Something I want to do more of?

Honoka: I want to sleep more, and eat more bread, and...

Honoka: You know that even without me saying anything? Ahaha... I guess so.

Honoka: In that case... I want to sing more!

Honoka: Considering how much we already since as µ's, I might be asking for too much...

Honoka: But with each song, Maki-chan composes it, Umi-chan writes the lyrucs, Kotori-chan designs the outfits, we all sing it together, and there are lots of people who listen to it.

Honoka: I've come to realize that singing a song comes from a lot of people's feelings coming together.

Honoka: So that's why I want to keep singing and have everyone be as one... ♪ All right, I'm going to keep singing!

A School Idol's Dream (Initial Ver. SR)
Honoka: I became a school idol in order to protect my beloved

school, but singing and dancing together with everyone is just so much fun...

Honoka: I want lots more people to know about us and to cheer us on!

Honoka: Someday, I want to perform on a much larger stage with a full house.

Honoka: However, having you by my side and watching me... makes me even happier than having a huge audience. Ehehe. ♪

Firefighter (Job Ver. SR)
Honoka: Firefighter Honoka has rushed to the scene! No matter how big or small the fire, I'll put it out immediately!

Honoka: ...Well, I may be a firefighter, but it's more like I'm getting fired up.

Honoka: Huh? I'm always burning with excitement year round...?

Honoka: I-It's not all the time!

Honoka: However, my feelings for you will never be extinguished.

Honoka: Kyaa~!

The Bear in the Forest (Animal Ver. SR)
Honoka: Roar! Today, I'm a bear~!

Honoka: Bear's are great, don't you think? Their fur's all soft and warm.

Honoka: And bears sleep all through the winter too.

Honoka: Being able to sleep for so long sounds amazing. I'm so jealous.

Honoka: In the winter, it's so cold and I just want to stay under the covers forever...

Honoka: It'd be even warmer if you were there beside me.

School Idol (Dengeki SR)
Honoka: I remember when I saw school idols for the first time

like it was yesterday. ♪ Everyone looked so cute, and they were all shining and just so cool...

Honoka: I was so surprised that they were the same age as us! That's when I thought, "I have to do this too!"

Honoka: At first, good at dancing, and Umi-chan's training was way too tough... Uu, it was a lot of work~

Honoka: To be honest, there are some days when I think, "I'm going to forget all about this and just roll around in bed while eating bread!!" Ehehe.

Honoka: Still, working with everyone toward a common goal is fun. It's something I can't do by myself. ♪

Honoka: That's why I'm glad I didn't give up. Otherwise, I wouldn't be who I am right now, and I wouldn't be having as much fun!

Honoka: It's all thanks to you, for supporting all of us in µ's! I'm really, really grateful!

Honoka: I'm going to keep letting you know how thankful I am... ☆ And so, I'll keep doing my very best! ♪

A Live You Want to Do (First Edition Weiss Schwarz SR)
Honoka: A live I want to do? Hmm... Let me think...

Honoka: A really fun live where the boundary between the stage and the audience is gone!

Honoka: If there were no audience, then there'd be no live, so I'd actually love it if they could stand onstage with us too.

Honoka: Ah, that's it! What about a live outdoors under the big, blue sky? That way, boys and girls of all ages could come watch!

Honoka: Everyone singing and dancing together would be so much fun! When that happens, it'd be great if you danced with us too! ♪

Idol Activities in the Summer! (August Ver. SR)
Honoka: It's summer! Time for the pool and idol activities!

Honoka: Doesn't the pool seem like a place where you'd find school idols!?

Honoka: I'd love to get my picture taken by the poolside~!

Honoka: What do you think about an energetic pose that makes me seem like I'm shining?

Honoka: Or how about a close-up of my chest... like this... Huh?

Honoka: On second thought, maybe not... Mine aren't as big as Nozomi-chan's, ahaha.

Honoka: What can I do to make my breasts bigger...? I have to go ask Nozomi-chan next time I see her.

Honoka: Oh, if you know any ways to make them bigger, make sure you tell me!

Honoka: Wha— Your face is beet red! Ah...! Did I say something weird!?

Honoka: Hyaa! Forget what I just said~!!

I Love Summer! (September Ver. SR)
Honoka: Ah, the fireworks are starting!

Honoka: Tamaya~!

Honoka: Come on, you too! Kagiya~!

Honoka: The fireworks are beautiful and all, but once I hear them, it just makes me think that summer's amazing!

Honoka: ...Hmm?

Honoka: I think I got hungry from watching the fireworks!

Honoka: I'll go buy the wieners, yakisoba and cotton candy. I'm counting on you for the okonomiyaki and shaved ice!!

Honoka: All the delicious things at summer festivals just makes me think that summer's amazing!

Honoka: H-Huh?

Honoka: Anyway, summer's the best~!

Honoka's Best Dish (November Ver. SR)
Honoka: Today's cooking day! What do you think of me in an apron?

Honoka: Ehehe... I thought it'd be nice to cook with you, so I made sure to have another apron ready. ♪

Honoka: Standing together in the kitchen like this makes it seem like we're newlyweds, huh? Just kidding... Ehehe.

Honoka: Haa...! S-Sorry, I was getting ahead of myself there...

Honoka: Let me introduce the ingredients! ♪ First up today is... meat! Meat is essential, you know? I prepared tons of it~

Honoka: And then we have potatoes, carrots and onions! All the root vegetables are present!

Honoka: Can you tell what we're making? That's right! I wanted to make curry, so the final ingredient is the curry roux. ♪

Honoka: When you think homemade meals, you definitely think curry. ♪ All you have to do is simmer the ingredients in a pot and it'll come out perfectly!

Honoka: And while it's cooking, if you're with me, then I won't be bored for sure~

Honoka: Now that that's settled, let's get cooking! ♪ Aim to be a great cook! Aim to be a newlywed!

Heart Skipping a Beat ♪ (Homura Ver. SR)
Honoka: Welcome!

Honoka: Oh, you came! Come on in~ Right this way, right this way!

Honoka: I recommend our specialty: manjuu! Here, give them a try!

Honoka: Hmm... Watching you makes me want to have one too. Mind if I take one?

Honoka: Ehehe, bon appetit!

Honoka: ...What do you think?

Honoka: Hehe, I see. It makes me happy to hear that you think they're delicious.

Honoka: I was thinking if it'd be better if we went to a fancy café or if we had some fancy cake...

Honoka: But hearing your opinion on my manjuu really made my heart skip a beat.

Honoka: Thanks! Ehehe... I love you!!

Christmas? (December Ver. SR)
Honoka: Merry Christmas!

Honoka: Today is an important day that only comes once a year.

Honoka: What'd you ask for from Santa?

Honoka: Me?

Honoka: I asked him for µ's to stay together forever and ever...

Honoka: It's Christmas after all, so we should wish for the weather to be clear.

Honoka: Santa will definitely grant our wishes if the weather's nice. ♪

Honoka: ...Huh? That's Tanabata? [1]

Honoka: Whaaaat!?

1.It is believed that Orihime and Hikoboshi are unable to meet on Tanabata if the weather is poor, so people often pray for good weather.

Something You Want to Try (LLSIF Weiss Schwarz Booster SR)
Honoka: Something I want to try, huh...?

Honoka: What I want to do keeps changing all the time, so every time I get asked something like this, I give a different answer... Ahaha.

Honoka: But now, all that's on my mind is thinking about how to make µ's better.

Honoka: I want to get to know all sorts of people, and sing and dance to new songs.

Honoka: Though, I do think that the current µ's is the best... Ehehe.

Honoka: I think that it'd be worth trying to give even better performances and bettering ourselves as a group. ♪

Honoka: With everyone else in µ's and you... every day is so much fun that I don't need anything else.

Honoka: So... thank you so much. ☆ Let's keep having a great time together. ♪

Regarding SIF (Takaramonos SR)
Honoka: Great job!! The SIF live was so much fun!

Honoka: Were we able to convey that we wanted to cheer everyone on, as well as the feelings that Maki-chan put into the song...?

Honoka: Hehe. But I'm probably the one who got the most energized from it. ♪

Honoka: Having all nine of our voices becoming one with Maki-chan's song was the best!

Honoka: I feel like Kotori-chan's embroidery in the outfit gave me courage too!!

Honoka: Ehehe, I feel like the happiest person in the world...

Honoka: I hope that we were able to have everyone think that our performances are lots of fun.

Honoka: I'll do my best to make sure that our concerts are more fun than the last. ♪

I Bought Lots ♪ (February Ver. SR)
Honoka: Today's Valentine's Day~! It's a day where you can eat lots of chocolate~!

Honoka: With that being said, look! I bought lots of chocolate! ♪

Honoka: I bought animal-shaped ones this year. There's pandas, giraffes, dinosaurs... ☆

Honoka: They're cute, aren't they? Don't you just want to put them in a display case?

Honoka: ...But I definitely can't hold myself back like that, and I want to eat them right now!!

Honoka: Which one should I start with? The koala? The ladybug? The T-rex?

Honoka: Ah, wait! I forgot the most important thing!

Honoka: Here, Happy Valentine's Day... ♪ 

Honoka: This is the only heart-shaped one... It's just for you. ♪

Honoka: I'm glad you like it. Let's share the rest of the chocolate, okay? ♪

An Energetic Spring Has Arrived (March Ver. SR)
Honoka: The sun feels so warm! ♪ Spring is pretty much here~

Honoka: It's so cold in the winter and hard to get motivated, but I get all excited in spring. ♪

Honoka: I want to go out once it's spring. Walking through the nearby park sounds good, but so does visiting the zoo. ♪

Honoka: In the winter, most of the animals aren't moving. I can really understand how they feel...

Honoka: It'll be a lot more interesting in the spring since they'll get their energy back and the flowers will be blooming!

Honoka: So let's go there together sometime~ ☆ I'll make you a lunch too. ♪

Honoka: It'll have rice balls, fried eggs, broccoli and octopus-shaped weiners!

Honoka: Ah, I can't forget about dessert. Apples? Maybe strawberries?

Honoka: Hmm, the more I think about it, the more I'm looking forward to it! ♪

Honoka: I want to go somewhere with you every week of spring!

I Love Sweets! (April Ver. SR)
Honoka: Sweets? Of course I love them!

Honoka: Sweet buns, cakes, chocolate...

Honoka: And also the sweets that Kotori-chan makes! It's amazing how she can make both outfits and sweets~

Honoka: Speaking of which, she said that you should think about someone precious to you while you're making sweets.

Honoka: Does that mean I should be thinking about you then? Just kidding...

Honoka: I don't know much about chocolate, but I can definitely understand that feelings are important.

Honoka: When I first started µ's, I really wanted to sing and dance together with Umi-chan and Kotori-chan!

Honoka: Even after meeting everyone else, I thought about how great it'd be if we could all become school idols together.

Honoka: So it's important to think about those precious to you, and it's also important to let them know about it.

Honoka: Ehehe... I'm so happy to be surrounded by people I love! I love everyone!

If I Were in a Fairy Tale, I'd Definitely Be...! (May Ver. SR)
Honoka: If I could pick any fairy tale character to be, I'd definitely be Heidi!

Honoka: It's because of that gooey and bubbly cheese and bread, you know!

Honoka: I totally want to try it~ I'm sure it's delicious~

Honoka: Huh? Even in a fairy tale, I'm always eating...?

Honoka: Well... Heidi has lots of other good points too~

Honoka: Running through fields in her bare feet, raising young goats...

Honoka: Wouldn't you want to be in it too? We could raise goats together. ♪

Honoka: And once they get bigger, we could get some milk from them~

Honoka: And we can make cheese with that. ♪ I'm sure it'll be delicious on bread~

Honoka: H-Huh...? We're back to food again. Oh well. ♪

I Noticed Your Kindness (Hiking Ver. SR)
Honoka: Places like these always have such steep stairs, or steep slopes when there aren't any stairs. It's fun.

Honoka: It's also fun finding new flowers, listening to the chirping of birds, or figuring out what the drifting clouds remind us of.

Honoka: There's so much that you normally don't pay attention to. It's so exciting. ♪

Honoka: Let's have a snack break once we get to the rest spot up ahead.

Honoka: Huh? I'm fine. I'm not that tired~

Honoka: And I noticed that you've been matching your walking pace to mine for a while now.

Honoka: Ehehe, I might not be that smart, but I have faith in my observation skills!

Honoka: Thanks, you're really kind. ♪

Honoka: While we're at it, do you want to hold hands too?

Declaration of Victory! (Famitsu App SR)
Honoka: Hey there. ♪ We have a day off from practice today, so we're having a games competition at my house. Do you want to come?

Honoka: Games are really fun when you play by yourself, but they're even more fun when you play them with others.

Honoka: With quiz games, when Umi-chan and Eli-chan are there, the ratio of correct to incorrect answers jumps up and they're useful... I-I'm just kidding...

Honoka: Sometimes I think, "Wouldn't it be great if there were games with µ's songs?" They'd go well with those dancing games I like.

Honoka: Maki-chan writes the music, Umi-chan writes the lyrics, and Kotori-chan makes the outfits.

Honoka: The music, the lyrics, the outfits... They're all our treasures. I want lots and lots of people to know about them.

Honoka: Just hearing out songs makes me think that I'm glad to be alive, and they give me energy. Ehehe... Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.

Honoka: I'll keep the future in my dreams... For now, I have to focus on the competition! I'll definitely come in first~!

It'd Obviously Be Fun! (July Ver. SR)
Honoka: I'm dressed up as the Little Mermaid today~

Honoka: Is it... sexy? Or maybe not? Ahaha.

Honoka: It's a bit hard to walk like this, but doesn't being a mermaid sound like so much fun? ♪

Honoka: After all, you can swim all day long, and play a lot with the fish. It'd obviously be fun~!

Honoka: While we're at it, it'd be great if the rest of µ's were mermaids too.

Honoka: That way, we could sing and dance with the fish in the sea.

Honoka: Ah, but it's harder to move in water, so we wouldn't be able to do the same dances we usually do.

Honoka: We'd end up doing a swaying dance and slow singing, but that sounds fun too~

Honoka: I hope our songs can reach the fish too...

Honoka: You think they do? ...Ehehe, thanks. I think so too!

Words I Want to Remember (China Dress Ver. SR)
Honoka: Ni hao! ♪ We're all wearing China dresses today~

Honoka: Ehehe, what do you think? School idols are so lucky, being able to wear so many different outfits and all.

Honoka: I studied some Chinese for today, and I'll have to be careful about what poses...

Honoka: Huh? What other Chinese words did I learn?

Honoka: Ni hao and... Ni hao and... sh-shumai?

Honoka: Also suigyoza (boiled dumplings), and dim sum, and ramen, and... huh?[1]

Honoka: Ah, that's right! I almost forgot the most important one!

Honoka: Xie xie. ♪ It means "thank you"!

Honoka: I've always been helped and supported by all sorts of different people... so I've always wanted to at least remember how to thank people in different languages.

Honoka: So xie xie to you for always being by my side. ♪ I hope you'll stay with me from now on too.

1.All of the food-related words in this story sound more or less the same in both Japanese and Chinese.

Making the Most of It! (Festival Ver. SR)
Honoka: Ah, you're here! You're late~ I've been waiting for sooo long!

Honoka: Hmm... Maybe I'll have you treat me to yakisoba as an apology~

Honoka: Just kidding. I've already bought yakisoba for the two of us. ♪ Here's yours.

Honoka: Once we're done eating, let's go dance the Bon dance together. I'm so excited!

Honoka: Huh? You've never danced it before?

Honoka: Even though I'm wearing a happi coat and I'm so hyped for it...!

Honoka: I'll teach you well, so let's dance together. You might be nervous at first, but it'll be tons of fun for sure. ♪

Honoka: After that, there's the shooting range, goldfish scooping... and also candied apples! When you come to a festival, you have to make the most of it!

Honoka: I really enjoyed spending summer vacation together with you. Did you have fun too? If only summer vacation never ended...

Honoka: Huh? Have I done my summer homework yet? Ahaha... You got me... Let's do our homework together tomorrow~!

I'll Just Be Myself! (Café Maid Ver. SR)
Honoka: Oh, you came! Welcome! I was thinking that it'd be nice if you came to Homura today.

Honoka: Tada! Today, I'm wearing the maid outfit that Kotori-chan made for me~

Honoka: Since I'm watching the store, I figured I might as well take the opportunity to advertise for µ's... Ah, here's a flyer for our next performance.

Honoka: I'm wearing a maid outfit, so I thought I'd practice speaking and acting like a maid, but it's not going very well.

Honoka: Huh? Oh, manjuu? That's right, I forgot I was tending to the store... One Homura manjuu, right?

Honoka: Ahem... Well then, let me show you the fruits of my practice: "Here, Master. ♪ Have one of our manjuu. ♪"

Honoka: ....Hmm, what do you think? It doesn't fit me, does it?

Honoka: I feel like when Kotori-chan says it, it'd fit perfectly. What is it that's different between us...? Well, I guess we're completely different people, huh? Ahaha...

Honoka: Hmm, hmm... There's nothing I can do about it if it doesn't suit me. Kotori-chan is Kotori-chan. I'll just be myself!

Honoka: Let's give it one last try... Here, a manjuu for you, who I love so much. ♪

Amusement Parks Are the Best! (Halloween Ver. SR)
Honoka: Yahoo~!

Honoka: This way, this way~ ♪

Honoka: Ehehe... Amusement parks are just so much fun! Screaming out load, moving my body... It's the best!

Honoka: School idols dance and sing a lot... I hope that we can make those who come watch us happy, though it might not be as effective as an amusement park.

Honoka: Huh? You already feel like we're the best? ...Ehehe, thanks. ♪

Honoka: I'll keep working hard! My goal is to be a school idol that can match an amusement park!

Honoka: Hehe... Oh, right. Are you free after this?

Honoka: Really? That's great~ Let's meet back here in half an hour!

Honoka: Thanks for waiting...! Today's Halloween after all. ♪

Honoka: Let's dance together. I'll help you out when you don't know what to do. ♪ Let's go all out and have as much fun as we can today!

Umi-chan is so Mean! (SID ~Aki no Gakuensai ♪~ SR)
Honoka: Meanie! Umi-chan, you're such a meanie!

Honoka: Geez, she can be so mean sometimes... Ah, great timing! Hey, listen~!

Honoka: We have a quiz today during fifth period, but I haven't had time to study because of all the work I've had to put in to the club lately.

Honoka: So I asked Umi-chan what questions would be on it, but then she got angry and said, "That won't help you learn!"

Honoka: She always gets good marks anyway, so what's wrong with just telling me what's going to be on it?

Honoka: Could it be that she's not telling me so that I won't get good grades...!?

Honoka: Of course not... I know that she's always thinking about what's best for me, so I rely on her a lot, maybe too much at times.

Honoka: I'm always relying on her... so I guess... I'll go and study during lunch while having some bread. You should come join me~

Between Performances (Eien Friends SR)
Honoka: Ah, you're here! This way! You were late so I was worried about you~ Did you manage to get here without getting lost?

Honoka: I see, that's great then! Thanks for coming to watch our performance today. ♪

Honoka: We're not performing as a group of nine today... but I'm together with Kotori-chan and Hanayo-chan so I'm not nervous in the least.

Honoka: And besides... listen closely.

Honoka: You can hear Maki-chan singing right now... ♪ We may be split into groups of three, but we're all really close by.

Honoka: And not only that, I'm sure that we're all wishing each other the best of luck with our performances!

Honoka: So not only am I not worried, I feel really reassured. I feel like it'll be a fun performance packed with power!

Honoka: It'd be great if you could have as much fun as I do. I'll be going now... ♪

What Kind of Constellation is Leo? (Constellation Ver. SR)
Honoka: Look, look! Kotori-chan made us all outfits based on constellations~

Honoka: I'm a Leo... but I know nothing about constellations so I brought this.

Honoka: Look, an illustrated guide to constellations! Umm, Leo... Found it!

Honoka: Let's see... "Originally a man-eating lion from the Nemea Valley, it was slain by Hercules and became the Leo constellation."

Honoka: M-Man-eating lion!?

Honoka: ............

Honoka: ...Okay. Enough of the book! I'll figure it out myself!

Honoka: Lions seem really really strong and scary at first glance... but they also give off the image of wanting friends.

Honoka: They throw their children off a cliff because they want their children to grow up strong... or so I've heard.

Honoka: I'm probably not much like a lion, but I really want us to all grow up together... That's why I like Leo. ♪

Important Greeting (Seven Lucky Gods Ver. SR)
Honoka: Morning~ Have you had any rice cake soup yet?

Honoka: I've already had five bowls of it since the year started! Ehehe, you don't really get to eat it apart from New Year's after all.

Honoka: Kotori-chan made this outfit for our upcoming New Year's concert. She based it on the Seven Lucky Gods. Isn't it amazing~?

Honoka: Mine's Ebisu, the god of the sea. See how I have this fishing rod and sea bream?

Honoka: He probably blessed fishermen with being able to catch a lot of fish, don't you think? Maybe I'll be able to catch a lot too if I wear this while fishing. ♪

Honoka: Oh, right! Do you want to go make our fish pond debut? I've always wanted to go to one.

Honoka: ...Ah, but right now, we need to practice!

Honoka: I have to hurry to school! Let's plan this out next time so we can aim for our fish pond debut!

Honoka: Oh... I forgot the most important part.

Honoka: Happy New Year! Let's have lots of fun together this year too. ♪

A Happy Event (Love Live! vol.2 Weiss Schwarz SR)
Honoka: A happy event, huh? When I'm eating bread... but that happens every day...

Honoka: Nozomi-chan tells me that I'm always giving off a happy aura... Hmm, I don't know.

Honoka: Ah, maybe when I'm talking to everyone else in µ's before our club activities start!

Honoka: It's a more everyday thing than eating bread... I really love these ordinary things.

Honoka: It's not usually anything special, like, "I found a stray cat this morning," or, "I found a cute store yesterday," or, "my mom got angry at me."

Honoka: I feel happy when all of us are talking about everyday things, so much that I want to be together with them until we're grannies!

Honoka: We probably won't be able to dance that much when we're old, but then we can just sit on the porch and have tea together.

Honoka: Ehehe, just thinking about it makes me feel happy. Maybe I'll be able to stay happy for decades to come... ☆

I Haven't Eaten Any Yet! (Valentine's Ver. SR)
Honoka: Mm, it smells great! ♪

Honoka: It looks delicious... I haven't tried any yet... *slurp*!

Honoka: Just a bit won't hurt, right!? Yeah, it should be fine!

Honoka: Well then, time to dig in! ...Ah!

Honoka: H-How long have you been standing behind me for!? I haven't eaten any yet! Actually, I'm not eating! It's Valentine's Day chocolate after all!

Honoka: I've always bought chocolate for Kotori-chan and Umi-chan, but this time, I figured it would be nice to try and make my own.

Honoka: Yukiho and Mom helped me out too. I thought it'd end up with them making it and me doing nothing but eating... but I did my best!

Honoka: That's why I'm sure they came out delicious. Ah, that look on your face... You want to try some too, don't you?

Honoka: Ehehe, well I have some good news for you! Yukiho said, "I know you're going to eat it all yourself, Onee-chan," and gave me an extra box.

Honoka: So let's try them out together! I hope they taste as good as I hope they do. Here, open wide. ♪

Let's Throw Lots of Beans (Setsubun Ver. SR)
Honoka: Okay, let's do this!

Honoka: Ah, you came at a great time! Today's Setsubun, isn't it? That's why I want to throw lots of beans to drive away lots of demons.

Honoka: I was asked who in µ's would be the demon... Maybe Umi-chan or Eli-chan? The demon mask fits Kotori-chan surprisingly well too~

Honoka: Setsubun is meant to ward off evil, so we can't half-heartedly throw beans.

Honoka: We've even got costumes prepared for today. Give me a second to go change!

Honoka: ...?

Honoka: ...Ah!

Honoka: This is the demon's outfit! Don't tell me that I'm the demon!?

Honoka: Uu~ What a mistake. I shouldn't have been practicing throwing beans. I should've been practicing how to avoid them...

Honoka: I'll be exterminated at this rate. I've gotta run!

Treasure (White Day Ver. SR)
Honoka: Hehe... Ehehe...

Honoka: Giving presents to others is exciting and fun, but getting presents is also exciting and makes me feel happy.

Honoka: Tada! I got this from Kotori-chan and Umi-chan as a return gift for Valentine's Day. ♪

Honoka: It's bread with a sun mark on it! They made it together for me! Homemade bread is just too amazing~!

Honoka: I also got this: a tote bag with a "ho" character on it. ♪ They also made it by hand!

Honoka: This also has a sun mark and a small portrait of me drawn on it. Do you think it looks like me?

Honoka: It made me sooo happy. They instantly became my treasures! Well, I ate the bread right away... but still treasures!

Honoka: When I asked them why they both had a sun mark on it, they wouldn't tell me... I wonder why.

Honoka: I-It can't be because my face is so round, right...?

Honoka: I'm planning on walking home with them today. Maybe I'll try asking them again then~

Let's Read the News ♪ (Job Ver. (Part 2)(SR)
Honoka: Oh, nice timing! ♪ There's a work experience event today. Let's try something together!

Honoka: I decided to try being a newscaster. I mean, it sounds like something that'll make me smarter...!

Honoka: I practiced tongue twisters with Yukiho yesterday. Repeat after me: "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

Honoka: Oh, good job~! We'd both be great newscasters! ♪

Honoka: Ah, it's almost time for us to read the news! Let's go!

Honoka: Ugh... That was bad...

Honoka: I can't believe I messed up because I couldn't read the kanji...

Honoka: Even if I can say the news quickly, it's pointless if I can't read the kanji~

Honoka: There's no way I can become a newscaster like this~! Let's train extra hard at reading the news!

Honoka: First, let's practice reading some kanji! Hmm? How do you read this one? Teach me~!

A Goal You Want to Achieve Together (Love Live! The School Idol Movie SR)
Honoka: A goal I want to achieve with everyone?

Honoka: Hmm, let's see... Maybe it's not what you're asking, but I'd like to be happy with everyone!

Honoka: When I'm singing on stage, the entire time I'm thinking, "I'm so happy. I'm so lucky that I can be this happy..." Isn't that amazing?

Honoka: So I wonder if the people in the audience are feeling the same happiness that I feel.

Honoka: I haven't actually asked them, so I don't know for sure... Ahaha.

Honoka: There may be sad times, like oversleeping, or getting told off by my mom for a bad test score, or not being able to practice because of rain...

Honoka: I want to give powerful performances that can blow all those blues away.

Honoka: I want to put on the greatest performance and seize the greatest moment...! Hehe, let's be happy together. ♪

Let's Go Exterminate Ogres (Momotarou Ver. SR)
Honoka: Let's go exterminate ogres!

Honoka: Oh, perfect timing! I'm heading off to exterminate ogres. Do you want to come with me?

Honoka: Huh? No, there aren't actually ogres. The neighborhood association is putting on a play for Momotarou.

Honoka: I'm Momotarou, Umi-chan's the dog, Kotori-chan's the pheasant, and Nico-chan's the monkey.

Honoka: I'm so lucky that all my companions are cute school idols~ ♪

Honoka: I'll give you something nice if you come with me too! Tada, millet dumplings!

Honoka: I'll give you one. ♪ Open wide now...

Honoka: ...Well? How's it taste?

Honoka: Ehehe... I love people who show how good something tastes on their face because it makes me happy too...

Honoka: Can I eat some beside you? Exterminating ogres is such a fun and delicious job... ♪

Red Bean Paste Filling!? (Season 1 BD Vol. 1 UR)
Honoka: Hmm... Don't you think that chocolate with red bean paste inside is weird!?

Honoka: Chocolate's already sweet enough as it is, without adding red bean paste!

Honoka: Haa... I am the daughter of a Japanese sweets maker, but of course I'd get tired if I had to eat them all the time...

Honoka: But because of that, I really, really like bread! ♪ Next time, I'll show you my favorite!

Honoka: Ah, but if I eat too much bread, then won't I get tired of that too!? What'll I do if that happens!?

Super Idol (Initial Ver. UR)
Honoka: Wow! All the glowsticks are shining and they look like the Milky Way!

Honoka: I'm standing atop this amazing stage, and it's all because you supported me every step of the way. ♪

Honoka: Despite my clumsiness and my tendency to run head-first into things, you always reached out to me whenever I fell. I made it this far thanks to you.

Honoka: I hope that you'll always be by my side, whether I'm Honoka the school idol or just the regular Honoka, and watch over me every step of the way. ☆

Honoka's Ambition (Animelo 2013 UR)
Honoka: Oh? You came to the arcade too? It must be my lucky day, being able to meet you here like this~ ♪

Honoka: I love dancing games. I get so excited dancing along to the rhythm! It's amazing~!

Honoka: I start from the easy songs and then work my way up to the harder ones, and I gradually get better.

Honoka: Umi-chan and Eli-chan are always yelling at me though, saying, "You should put at least that much effort into your studies!" Haha...

Honoka: And it feels amazing once I get a combo going! It makes me so happy to be able to dance to songs I like.

Honoka: It'd be great if µ's songs were included too~ ...Just kidding. I'm getting ahead of myself there! But, it's better to dream big! ♪

Honoka: Do you want to play together? I'm sure it'll be more fun than usual. ♪ Though it's probably just because I want to play together with you, ehehe.

Honoka: Okay, let's compete and see who can get a higher score! Two-player mode... There! Music, start! ♪

Our Future (Season 1 BD Vol. 7 UR)
Honoka: When I first started as a school idol, there were so

many things I wasn't good at... It was pretty troubling. I thought, "Maybe this is impossible for me," and things like that.

Honoka: But then everyone in µ's supported me! It was amazing! It felt like if all nine of us were together, then we'd be able to do anything!

Honoka: Everyone taught me an important lesson: that I shouldn't give up just because I was having difficulties.

Honoka: I shouldn't lie to myself. I want to sing with everyone! I want lots of people to listen to our songs!

Honoka: I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but it's because I don't know that I want to look forward into the future!

Honoka: I'm not that great at thinking things through, and I might end up causing everyone a lot of trouble...

Honoka: Still, as long as I keep looking forward, I feel like I can keep going! No, I definitely can! We're definitely able to keep moving onwards!

Honoka: Our next live is starting! Let's head towards our sparkling, yet-unseen future!

Let's Try It! (October Ver. UR)
Honoka: 1, 2, 3, 4...

Honoka: 2, 2, 3, 4...

Honoka: I guess that does it for the warm-up exercises. If I don't do them, then Umi-chan gets mad at me.

Honoka: Do you want to do some stretches together? Ready and...

Honoka: Mmm~ Stretching out my back feels great!

Honoka: I was thinking of trying the pole vault today.

Honoka: Huh? It'd be impossible for me?

Honoka: Of course not! If you think something's impossible, then you'll never be able to do it.

Honoka: And besides... if you cheer for me, I feel like I'll be able to jump high enough to touch the skies. ♪

Honoka: Make sure you cheer for me, okay? Here I go!!

Something Important (January Ver. UR)
Honoka: Happy New Year! ♪ It's the start of a new year! I'll do my best this year too~!

Honoka: Oh, right. I'm wearing a kimono... What do you think? Does it look good on me?

Honoka: It does? Ehehe, that makes me happy, thanks.

Honoka: But they're a bit heavy and kind of hard to move in. Ehehe, I look all graceful and ladylike now.

Honoka: Let's get going to our first shrine visit of the year!

Honoka: I'll be wishing that µ's activities will continue to go well!

Honoka: Ah! I forgot! I just remembered something important!

Honoka: I wanted to draw fortunes too and check both of our fortunes.

Honoka: Though, I'm sure we'll get great luck even if we didn't check. ♪

Honoka: All right, let's get some great luck!

Someday in the Future (June Ver. UR)
Honoka: Hmm... Hmm...

Honoka: Yeah, it's still too soon for me~

Honoka: H-Huh!? I didn't see you there!

Honoka: I was asked if I wanted to try on a wedding dress, so I did...

Honoka: I guess it's too soon for me to be wearing one~

Honoka: Ahaha, I'm still in high school after all.

Honoka: I wonder if there'll be a day when it'll look good on me...

Honoka: And actually, will I even manage to become a proper adult...? Haa...

Honoka: Huh? ...Ehehe, if you say so, then I feel a bit relieved.

Honoka: Just like you said, I think I'll look even better in it once I grow up... so wait until then!

Step Up (Season 2 BD Vol. 1 UR)
Honoka: Hello! I'm Kousaka Honoka, a second year at Otonokizaka Academy!

Honoka: We're µ's, a school idol group, and... Huh? You already knew?

Honoka: Ehehe... I guess so. Thanks for always watching and supporting us!

Honoka: When I first learned about school idols, I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Honoka: "They're so cute!" "They can do even that!?" "They're the same age as me!?" Things like that...

Honoka: They were always on my mind... Ahaha, I guess that's something I'd do, huh?

Honoka: That's why I want everyone who watches us to experience the same thing. They won't be able to stop thinking about us. ♪

Honoka: I'll keep working hard so that our performances are more fun and will reach more people than ever before!

Let Me Hide Behind You! (Snowy Mountain Ver. UR)
Honoka: Ah, nice timing! I'm being chased. Let me hide behind you!

Honoka: ............

Honoka: ...Is she gone?

Honoka: Phew, that was close... Umi-chan's been really fired up all morning long about ski training.

Honoka: She said, "I'm training my body like this!" and started doing squats at 5 AM! She's way too excited~

Honoka: This trip was supposed to be so that we could have fun skiing, but at this rate, I'm going to be building up so much muscle if I stick around her.

Honoka: I spent all day skiing yesterday, so I'm going to have some fun today! Maybe I'll go buy some souvenirs, ones that really say that I came and skied here...

Honoka: Ah! I can hear Umi-chan's voice in the distance.

Honoka: I have to get going! You should come with me!

Honoka: We'll have her train us tomorrow, so let's sneak away and play together today. ♪

Make Everyone's Dreams Come True! (Season 2 BD Vol. 7 UR)
Honoka: The weather's great today. ♪ On sunny days, the wind

feels great, and we can practice and have lunch outside... It's nothing but good things!

Honoka: There's so many different types of weather a day can have... Clouds, rain, snow... Maybe I just get overhyped on sunny ones.

Honoka: ...Being a school idol isn't only a life of fun. Nobody would join me at first, and I had to practice all by myself... Ahaha.

Honoka: That's why... when µ's ended up having nine members, when we all got up on the stage together, when we all gave an amazing performance...

Honoka: I was happy enough to cry. I thought from the depths of my heart, "I'm so happy to be alive!"

Honoka: I think that µ's is our own little miracle. It would never have happened if it weren't us nine.

Honoka: We didn't make a miracle happen because we're special or anything... Anyone can make a miracle happen.

Honoka: That's why you can also... make everyone's dreams come true!

Quotes Edit

Home Screen Edit

穂乃果も結構、運がいいんだよ?…でも、希ちゃんには負けるかも。 I have pretty good luck you know. ...Well, maybe worse than Nozomi-chan's.

穂乃果の家はおまんじゅうやさんなんだ♪遊びに来てね? My family runs a manjuu store. ♪ Come visit us sometime, okay?

こ、ここだけの話……穂乃果はピーマンが苦手です…… Th-This is just between us... but I don't like bell peppers...

さ、元気出していってみよう! All right, let's go and give it our all!

ふわぁ~あ…やっぱり春は眠くなるよね~。 (Spring only) Fuwa~ Spring sure makes me sleepy~

暑くて練習するのが大変だね~。 (Summer only) Practicing is a lot harder when it's this hot~

食べ物がおいしい季節だね~。 (Fall only) It's the season when food tastes the best~

最近寒いけど、ちゃんとあったかくしてる? (Winter only) It's been pretty cold lately. Have you been keeping warm?

よーし、穂乃果と一緒に歌おうよ! (SRs/URs, 5AM - 5PM only) Sing together with me!

おつかれさまっ!今日もいっぱい頑張ったねー!! (SRs/URs, 5PM - 5AM only) Good job! We worked hard today too, didn't we!?

おはよ~!今日も一緒にがんばろうねっ!! (URs, 5AM - 11AM only) Morning~! Let's do our best today too!

調子はどうかな?無理しないでね (URs, 11AM - 5PM only) How are you feeling. Don't push yourself, okay?

お疲れ?穂乃果がマッサージしてあげよっか? (URs, 5PM - 11PM only) Good work. Do you want me to give you a massage?

今日も楽しかったねー!おやすみー!! (URs, 11PM - 5AM only) Today was another fun-filled day! Good night!

この衣装、すっごく動きやすいんだよー (Low-kizuna low-leveled transformed R #28 only)
This outfit is really easy to move in.

穂乃果のハートをみんなにお届け♪ (Low-kizuna low-leveled transformed R #37; R #298; transformed R #334; transformed R #494; R #610; transformed R #679; high kizuna SR #349; high kizuna SR #444; SR #445; high kizuna SR #619; SR #710; high kizuna SR #735; high kizuna UR #492 only)
I'll make sure my heart reaches everyone! ♪

さあ!どんどん進むよー! (Low-kizuna low-leveled transformed R #46; transformed R #284; transformed R #430; transformed R #569; R #592; SR #226; SR #235; SR #349; SR #444; high kizuna SR #445; high kizuna SR #516; SR #619; high kizuna SR #710; SR #735; UR #159; UR #347; UR #492 only)
Okay, let's keep on going!

穂乃果の笑顔、色んな人に届けられるかな? (Untransformed SR #55; SR #108; SR #109; low kizuna UR #65; UR #137; high kizuna UR #347 only) I wonder if my smile will reach lots of different people.

この服すっごいアイドルっぽい!ってスクールアイドルなんだけど… (Transformed SR #55 only) *placeholder*

スクールアイドルとしてずいぶん成長できた気がする…あなたのおかげだね♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #55; high kizuna SR #108; high kizuna SR #109; high kizuna SR #226; high kizuna SR #235; SR #516; high kizuna UR #65; high kizuna UR #137; high kizuna UR #159 only) I feel like I've gotten a lot better as a school idol... It's all thanks to you! ♪

沢山練習して、立派なスクールアイドルになりたいな♪ (Untransformed SR #71 only) I want to practice a ton and become the best school idol there is! ♪

穂乃果隊員!出動です! (Transformed SR #71 only) *placeholder*

穂乃果にも消せない気持ち、知ってる?……やっぱり恥ずかしいからやめ! (High kizuna, transformed SR #71 only) *placeholder*

ほら、穂乃果のパジャマー、どう?どう? (Untransformed SR #107 only) What do you think of my pajamas?

がおー!たべちゃうぞ~!? (Transformed SR #107 only) *placeholder*

ほーら、ぬいぐるみみたいでしょー?枕もとに置いて欲しいな♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #107 only) Look, I'm like a stuffed animal, aren't I? I'd love to be placed by your pillow. ♪

おおっ!?アイス食べたら、当たっちゃったみたい!もう1本はあなたにあげるね♪ (Untransformed SR #122 only) *placeholder*

う~ん、この水着ちょっとちっちゃい気がするよ~ (Transformed SR #122 only) *placeholder*

ええっ、胸が大きくなる方法が分かっちゃったの!?聞きたいような、聞きたくないような…… (High kizuna, transformed SR #122 only) *placeholder*

今日ってもしかして暑い?うちわ持ってくればよかったかも~っ (Untransformed SR #141 only) *placeholder*

夏大好き穂乃果だよ♪一緒に夏を満喫しようっ! (Transformed SR #141 only) *placeholder*

お祭りの後に飲むラムネっておいしいな~!穂乃果が飲んだのでよかったら、あなたも飲む? (High kizuna, transformed SR #141 only) *placeholder*

うむむ…… もっとお母さんにお料理習っておけばよかったかも~っ (Untransformed SR #176 only) *placeholder*

一緒にお料理、楽しいな♪なんだかラブが育まれてるって感じ? (Transformed SR #176 only) Cooking together is fun. ♪ It kinda feels like we're nurturing our love.

カレー、とっても美味しくできたね♪穂乃果が食べさせてあげるよ。はい、あーんっ (High kizuna, transformed SR #176 only) The curry came out really well! ♪ I'll feed you, okay? Here, open wide!

ふかしたてのおまんじゅうって、ハフハフってして熱いけど、おいしいからオススメだよ~ (Untransformed SR #189 only) Freshly steamed manjuu are hot, but they're delicious so I recommend them~

あなたのためだけの特別なおまんじゅう作っちゃおうかな♪ (Transformed SR #189 only) I'll make some special manjuu just for you. ♪

あなたが来てくれるなら、毎日穂むらのお手伝いしちゃおっかな……なんて。えへへ (High kizuna, transformed SR #189 only) If you came every day, maybe you could help us out at Homura... Ehehe.

うう、寒いね~ もうちょっとあなたの近くにいってもいいかな? (Untransformed SR #200 only) *placeholder*

クリスマスプレゼント、穂乃果はあなたとお揃いがいいな~っ (Transformed SR #200 only) *placeholder*

あれ……雪が降ってきたみたい。とってもロマンチックだね。ここから離れたくないな……♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #200 only) *placeholder*

まだ寒いの~!? 穂乃果、もう寝ちゃおっかな。春が来たら教えてね…… (Untransformed SR #245 only) *placeholder*

あなた専用のチョコレート、選ぶのに3時間くらいかかっちゃった。あはは…… (Transformed SR #245 only) *placeholder*

あなたと半分こって嬉しいかも!だからこれからも穂乃果とたくさん半分こしようね~♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #245 only) *placeholder*

外が暖かくなってきたね! 今日は外で一緒にパンを食べようっ! (Untransformed SR #261 only) *placeholder*

今週も一緒に出かけられるよね? 毎週あなたとお出かけなんて最高だな……♪ (Transformed SR #261 only) *placeholder*

お弁当、作ってきたよ! はい、あーんっ♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #261 only) *placeholder*

甘い物~ 甘い物はどこだ~ (Untransformed SR #276 only) *placeholder*

今日はココアが飲みたい気持ちだから、今から一緒に飲みに行こうよ~♪ (Transformed SR #276 only) *placeholder*

ずっとあなたのこと……考えてた。この気持ち、どうやって伝えたらいいのかな (High kizuna, transformed SR #276 only) *placeholder*

今日はお出かけめんどくさいよ~ずっとおうちでゴロゴロしてたい…… (Untransformed SR #319 only) *placeholder*

今日はブランコこぎまくるんだ! 風をいっぱい感じられて、最高だよ♪ (Transformed SR #319 only) *placeholder*

トロトロのチーズだよ♪こぼれないように~、おっきく口を開けて、いっただっきまーす♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #319 only) *placeholder*

連休はどこかお出かけした? 穂乃果も呼んでくれたらよかったのに~っ (Untransformed SR #324 only) Did you go anywhere over the holidays? You should've invited me~

ハイキングって楽しいなあ♪ あとで食べるおやつとお弁当のことを考えると、もっと楽しい♪ (Transformed SR #324 only) Hiking is so much fun. ♪ But I'm having even more fun thinking about the snacks and lunch we'll get to eat later. ♪

もっと先まで歩こうよ。手は……ほどかないでね? (High kizuna, transformed SR #324 only) Let's walk for a little longer. Don't... let go of my hand, okay?

もうすぐプールに入れるかな~? 泳ぐと気分がすっきりするよね (Untransformed SR #354 only) *placeholder*

人魚姫ってどんな食事をしてるのかな~?穂乃果が好きなパンも気に入ってくれるかな? (Transformed SR #354 only) *placeholder*

穂乃果が人魚になったら、会いに来てくれる?2人で一緒に歌いたいな♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #354 only) *placeholder*

うーむ…… 海未ちゃんが単語帳作ってくれたけど、めくる気すら起きないよ…… (Untransformed SR #374 only) *placeholder*

ニーハオ♪ 外国語のことなら、なんでも穂乃果に聞いてね! (Transformed SR #374 only) Ni hao! ♪ Ask me anything about foreign languages, okay?

あなたが穂乃果のそばにいてくれるのが普通になってるけど、ありがとうの気持ちは忘れてないよ (High kizuna, transformed SR #374 only) *placeholder*

うふふ……今年ははっぴを新調しちゃった♪ 見て見て~っ (Untransformed SR #410 only) *placeholder*

まだ来てないのかなあ……? 先に焼きそば買いに行っちゃおうっと (Transformed SR #410 only) *placeholder*

みんなと一緒に遊ぶのはもちろんすっごく楽しいけど、あなたと二人だけで遊ぶのも好きだなあ (High kizuna, transformed SR #410 only) *placeholder*

穂むらの店番、いつもはあんまり気が進まないけど…今日はがんばっちゃおーっと (Untransformed SR #412 only) *placeholder*

穂乃果は穂乃果らしくしてたいな。あなたには嘘つきたくないもんね (Transformed SR #412 only) *placeholder*

今度は穂むらじゃなくて、穂乃果と一緒にパン屋さんに行こうよ! お願い、ご主人様~っ (High kizuna, transformed SR #412 only) *placeholder*

えへへ……遊園地が楽しみで、今朝は早起きしちゃった! (Untransformed SR #422 only) *placeholder*

ハロウィンの時期は、遊園地が2倍楽しめちゃうね。ラッキーかも! (Transformed SR #422 only) During Halloween, the amusement park seems to be twice as fun. Lucky me!

二人で手をつないだら、踊るのがもっともっと楽しくなっちゃうね……♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #422 only) *placeholder*

夜になったら、夜空の星を眺めてみようかなって思うんだけど、つい忘れて寝ちゃうんだよねー (Untransformed SR #452 only) *placeholder*

絵本、絵本…… 最近はこどもじゃなくても楽しめる絵本が多いから嬉しいな♪ (Transformed SR #452 only) *placeholder*

他のみんなはどんな衣装なのかな……♪星座っぽいポーズで写真撮りたいっ (High kizuna, transformed SR #452 only) *placeholder*

今年の抱負? うーん。寝坊をなくす……は無理かもだから、寝坊を少し減らすことにする! (Untransformed SR #503 only) *placeholder*

うーん♪お雑煮美味しいなあ!雪穂~、お雑煮おかわりちょうだいっ! (Transformed SR #503 only) *placeholder*

そうだ、後でうちに遊びにおいでよ! 一緒にお雑煮食べよう♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #503 only) *placeholder*

一月が一番寒そうな感じがするけど、二月の方が寒いよね…… (Untransformed SR #527 only) *placeholder*

くんくん…… これは手作りチョコ大成功の匂い……! (Transformed SR #527 only) *placeholder*

もっと食べたい? いいよ! はい、あーん♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #527 only) *placeholder*

節分かあ! 鬼退治に腕がなる~っ (Untransformed SR #533 only) *placeholder*

誰が節分の鬼になるのかな~?? (Transformed SR #533 only) *placeholder*

一緒に逃げよう! 手を握って二人で猛ダッシュだよっ (High kizuna, transformed SR #533 only) *placeholder*

まだ寒い日が続くけど、おひさまの光はだいぶ暖かくなってきた気がする♪ (Untransformed SR #553 only) *placeholder*

手作りのプレゼントってすごく嬉しいなあ……♪ うふふ……つい思い出し笑いしちゃうっ (Transformed SR #553 only) *placeholder*

ことりちゃんと海未ちゃんは、穂乃果にとって家族みたいっていうか……すごく大切な人なんだ (High kizuna, transformed SR #553 only) Kotori-chan and Umi-chan are like my family... They're really precious to me.

今、ことりちゃんが海未ちゃんの髪をセットしてあげてるんだよ。かわいくてとってもいい感じ♪ (Untransformed SR #561 only) *placeholder*

すももとももはもものうち! ……あ、あれ?何か違うかな?? (Transformed SR #561 only) *placeholder*

漢字難しいよ~ 今から二人でノートとえんぴつ持って、海未ちゃんに教わりに行こう! (High kizuna, transformed SR #561 only) Kanji is hard~ Let's bring our notebooks and pencils and have Umi-chan teach us!

希ちゃんって催眠術出来るの? へえ、すごいなあ……ぐぅ…… (Untransformed SR #604 only) Nozomi-chan can perform hypnosis? Wow, that's amazing... Zzz...

希ちゃんに催眠術を教わったんだ!これでマジックショーも大成功間違いなし! (Transformed SR #604 only) Nozomi-chan taught me hypnosis! With this, there's no way my magic show won't be a success!

な、なんか今日の穂乃果って変だよね?あなたの顔見ると恥ずかしくなっちゃう……なんでだろう (High kizuna, transformed SR #604 only) Wh-Why am I so weird today? When I see your face I get all embarrassed... I wonder why...

雪穂、一緒にお団子作ろうっ!違うよ、おやつじゃなくてもっと大事なお団子なんだってば~っ (Untransformed SR #636 only) *placeholder*

おおっ、これが伝説のきびだんご……!くーっ、テンションあがる~っ! (Transformed SR #636 only) *placeholder*

はっ…… みんなをお供にする前にきびだんごを食べ終わってしまった……! (High kizuna, transformed SR #636 only) *placeholder*

私たちの歌を聴きたいって言ってもらえたら…こんなに幸せなことはないよねっ♪ (Untransformed SR #639 only) *placeholder*

海の家に来てるんだよ! 海未ちゃんの家じゃなくて、海にある海の家♪ (Transformed SR #639 only) *placeholder*

海に来たら、何でも思い出になっちゃうみたい。二人で並んでごはん食べてるだけでも幸せだな~ (High kizuna, transformed SR #639 only) *placeholder*

授業の時間割がぜーんぶプールになったら、毎日楽しく授業受けられるのになーっ (Untransformed SR #663 only) *placeholder*

日焼け止めって塗らなくちゃダメなの?ことりちゃん、穂乃果の分まで塗っといてよ~ (Transformed SR #663 only) *placeholder*

放課後、どこにお出かけするか決めよう!穂乃果はあなたとならどこでもいいけどね♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #663 only) *placeholder*

水遊びはそろそろおしまいかなあ? そしたら、今度は遊園地に行こうね♪ (Untransformed SR #671 only) *placeholder*

おおっ……これは忍者にはかかせない布だっ! く~っ、早く使ってみたいっ (Transformed SR #671 only) *placeholder*

へ、変だな…… なんだかあなたのことを意識しちゃうみたい (High kizuna, transformed SR #671 only) *placeholder*

今日は美術館でイベント! 普段はあんまり行かない場所なんだよねー (Untransformed SR #730 only) *placeholder*

昔の貴族の人って、みんなこういう格好をしていたんだよね! すごい綺麗な時代だったんだね (Transformed SR #730 only) *placeholder*

お菓子のことなら穂乃果にお任せ。え、洋菓子? それはちょっと専門外かなあ (High kizuna, transformed SR #730 only) *placeholder*

どうやったらファンのみんなが喜んでくれるかなあ? (UR #79 only, all states) How can I make all of our fans happy?

うー、もう!穂乃果ったらドジ…… (Untransformed UR #79 only) *placeholder*

いえーい、みんな盛り上がってるー!? (Transformed UR #79 only) *placeholder*

あなたがいれば何でもできそう!穂乃果、羽ばたきます♪ (High kizuna, transformed UR #79 only) *placeholder*

穂乃果、身体動かすの大好きなんだ~♪今日も頑張っちゃお! (Untransformed UR #165 only) *placeholder*

一緒にパン食い競走に出ようよ!穂乃果ね、優勝狙えそうな気がするんだ♪ (Transformed UR #165 only) *placeholder*

2人で手をつないで出来るストレッチもあるんだよ!ちょっと恥ずかしいけど、やってみようよ♪ (High kizuna, transformed UR #165 only) *placeholder*

今年の抱負?えっと……あんまり転ばないこと、かな? (Untransformed UR #222 only) *placeholder*

晴れ着って、キレイでかっこいい!大切な日に着るのにピッタリだよね~ (Transformed UR #222 only) *placeholder*

えへへ…… あなたとの運勢、やっぱり大吉みたい♪うれしいな! (High kizuna, transformed UR #222 only) *placeholder*

普段からドレスを着る機会があるのは、真姫ちゃんだけだよね~ (Untransformed UR #346 only) *placeholder*

ドレスを着てステージで踊るのはどうかな? ……わ、わわっ、裾踏んじゃった~っ (Transformed UR #346 only) *placeholder*

あなたが喜んでくれて……穂乃果も嬉しいな。えへへ……着てよかった♪ (High kizuna, transformed UR #346 only) *placeholder*

雪が降ると嬉しいけど、大雪だと困るから……ほどほどに雪が降りますように! (Untransformed UR #483 only) *placeholder*

スキー旅行、初日から滑りまくりなんだ楽しいけど、もう身体が限界かも…… (Transformed UR #483 only) *placeholder*

この旅館、ゲームコーナーが入ってるんだって! 次はゲーム対決しよう♪ (High kizuna, transformed UR #483 only) *placeholder*

ゲームセンター!ゲームセンターに行きたいっ!にこちゃん、一緒に行こう! (Untransformed UR #600 only) *placeholder*

にこちゃーん! このぬいぐるみ取れないよ~、助けてよ~っ! (Transformed UR #600 only) *placeholder*

ゲームが上手い人って尊敬しちゃう! あなたがゲームやってるところも見たいなあ♪ (High kizuna, transformed UR #600 only) *placeholder*

今日は動物園に来たの! ワンちゃんたちと、いっぱい遊ぶんだあ♪ (Untransformed UR #708 only) *placeholder*

わあ、穂乃果がワンちゃんになっちゃった♪ ねえ、よしよしーってして欲しいな♪ (Transformed UR #708 only) *placeholder*

μ'sを動物にたとえると、みんな何になるのかな?穂乃果はやっぱり、ワンちゃんがいいな♪ (High kizuna, transformed UR #708 only) *placeholder*

Tapping the Character Edit

穂乃果がサポートしちゃうよー。 I'll be sure to support you.

きゃ~くすぐったいよ~! Kyaa~ That tickles!

え?なになに?? Huh? What? What?

何かあった? What happened?

もう!それ以上やると、穂乃果怒っちゃうよ。 Geez! If you don't stop, I'll get angry.

わっ!どうしたの? Wah! What's wrong?

え、ちょっとやだ、なに触ってるのっ?! Huh? Stop it! Where are you touching!?

呼んだ呼んだ? Did you call for me?

ダメダメダメー!ここじゃダメー! (High kizuna, transformed URs/SRs only) No, no, no! Not here!

ちょ、ちょっとだけだよ…? (High kizuna, transformed URs/SRs only) J-Just for a little bit, okay?

そんなことされたら照れちゃうよー (High kizuna, transformed URs/SRs only) I'll get embarrassed if you do that.

Other Screens Edit

どんなお話があるんだろう? (Story screen) What stories are there?

部員のみんなの調子はどう? (Club members screen) How's everyone in the club doing?

LPがない時はラブカストーンで回復できるんだって。 (Shop screen) Loveca stones can replenish your LP when you're out.

お友達はどうしてるかな? (Friends screen) I wonder how your friends are doing.

Event-Triggered Edit

プレゼントがあるって!わーい!なんだろ~?! (When there are available presents) There are presents! Yay! I wonder what they are~

おぉっ?まだ練習できるみたいだよ!頑張るしかないね~! (When a lesson is possible) Oh? It looks like you can still practice! Don't give up~

なんか特別練習ができそうだよ! (When a special lesson is possible) It seems like you can do a special lesson!

新しい情報だよ!早く確認してみよう! (When there is unread news) Hurry up and check out the news!

早くストーリーの続きを見ようよ! (When there are unread stories) Go and read more of the story!

勧誘しようよ! (When the daily normal box draw hasn't been done) Let's recruit some members!

ねぇねぇ、今イベントやってるんだって!参加してみようよ~! (When there is an event going on) Hey, there's an event going on right now! Let's participate~

課題達成まで、前進あるのみ! (When there are incomplete assignments) Until you clear your assignments, the only path is forward!

ライブしようよ!穂乃果はまだまだ頑張れるよ! (When there are new live stages) Let's do a live! I can still keep going!

Date-Triggered Edit

あけましておめでとう~! 新年からあなたと一緒なんて、嬉しいな♪ (New Year's Day; January 1) Happy New Year~! I'm so glad I get to be with you right at the very start of it. ♪

お誕生日おめでとう、はなよちゃん☆ これからもかわいいかわいいスクールアイドルでいてね♪ (Hanayo's birthday; January 17) Happy birthday, Hanayo-chan! ☆ Make sure you stay being a cute school idol from now on too. ♪

今日の豆まき、みんな目が本気だよ~ 二人で一緒に逃げちゃおっか? (Setsubun; February 3) Everyone's so serious about throwing beans today~ How about the two of us run away?

今日はチョコレートをいっぱい食べていい日だよ♪ ことりちゃんにもらいに行こーっと♪ (Valentine's Day; February 14) It's okay to eat lots of chocolate today. ♪ I'm going to go get some from Kotori-chan. ♪

お内裏様ってキリッとしてるから、海未ちゃんと絵里ちゃんが似合いそうかも~ (Doll Festival; March 3) The Emperor doll looks strict, so it reminds me of Umi-chan and Eli-chan~

ホワイトデーって、お菓子をたくさん食べていい日だよね? ことりちゃんにもらいに行こーっと♪ (White Day; March 14) White Day's a day where I can eat lots of candy, right? I'm going to go get some from Kotori-chan. ♪

海未ちゃんのお誕生日をお祝いして、ビックリさせちゃおう♪ まだ海未ちゃんには内緒だよ~ (Umi's birthday; March 15) We're going to surprise Umi-chan by throwing her a birthday party. ♪ Keep it a secret from her, okay~?

ハッピーバースデー真姫ちゃん♪ みんな、真姫ちゃんのピアノと声がだーいすきなんだよ (Maki's birthday; April 19) Happy birthday, Maki-chan. ♪ Everyone loves your piano playing and your voice.

はい、かしわ餅♪ 今日はこどもの日だから、みんなで作ったんだよ (Children's Day; May 5) Here, kashiwa mochi. ♪ Today's Children's Day so we all made some together.

今日は希ちゃんのお誕生日だよ~! うふふふ。みんなでお肉食べにいこーって約束してるんだ!! (Nozomi's birthday; June 9) It's Nozomi-chan's birthday today~! Ehehehe. We're all going to go for yakiniku later!

今日は七夕だね。織姫様と彦星様が無事に会えるといいな♪ みんなの願い事も叶うといいな♪ (Tanabata; July 7) Today's Tanabata. I hope Orihime-sama and Hikoboshi-sama get to meet. ♪ And I hope everyone's wishes get granted too. ♪

七夕の短冊、もう書いた?穂乃果は織姫様と彦星様が毎日会えますように!って書いたよ~ (Tanabata; July 7) Did you already write down your wish for Tanabata? I wished for Orihime-sama and Hikoboshi-sama to be able to meet every day~

今日は海未ちゃんの日なんだって! お泊まり会をする予定だよ。楽しみだなあっ♪ (Marine Day 2014; July 21, 2014) Today is Umi-chan's day apparently! We're planning on having a sleepover. I'm looking forward to it! ♪

えへへ……海未ちゃんの日だから海に来てるんだよ♪わっ、冷たいよ海未ちゃーん! (Marine Day 2015; July 20, 2015) Ehehe, it's Umi-chan's day so we came to the sea (umi). ♪ Wah, that's cold, Umi-chan!

にこちゃんのお誕生日だから、みんなでにっこにっこにー☆するんだよ。さあ、みなさんご一緒にっ (Nico's birthday; July 22) It's Nico-chan's birthday, so we're all going to go "Nico Nico Smile ☆"! All together, everyone!

にこちゃん、お誕生日おめでとう!みんな、にこちゃんのことがだーーーーいすきなんだよ♡ (Nico's birthday; July 22) Happy birthday, Nico-chan! Everyone loves you a lot you know. ♡

今日は穂乃果の誕生日なんだ。大事な日だから、あなたに会えてよかったな。えへへ…… (Honoka's birthday; August 3) Today's my birthday. It's an important day, so I'm glad I got to see you. Ehehe...

お誕生日をお祝いしてもらえると、生きてて良かった~って思っちゃう! うーーん、幸せだっ♪ (Honoka's birthday; August 3) Having my birthday celebrated makes me think how glad I am to be alive! Mm, I'm so happy! ♪

今日は十五夜だよ。まんまるのお月様って、ちょっと穂むらのおまんじゅうっぽいよね~ (Mid-Autumn Festival 2014; September 8, 2014) Today's the Mid-Autumn Festival. The full moon looks a bit like Homura's manjuu~

穂むらの十五夜限定うさぎまんじゅう、販売しておりまーす! う~、お手伝いよりお月見がしたいよ~ (Mid-Autumn Festival 2015; September 27, 2015) Homura has special rabbit manjuu on sale just for the Mid-Autumn Festival today! Uu~ I wish I could go moon viewing instead of helping out the store~

お菓子♪ お菓子♪ 今日はことりちゃんのお誕生日だから、お菓子いっぱい買ってきたよ~ (Kotori's birthday; September 12) Sweets~ ♪ Sweets~ ♪ Today's Kotori-chan's birthday so I bought lots of them~

ことりちゃん、お誕生日おめでとう♪ かわいくてしっかり者のことりちゃんがみんな大好きだよ (Kotori's birthday; September 12) Happy birthday, Kotori-chan. ♪ Everyone loves how cute and level-headed you are.

絵里ちゃん、お誕生日おめでとう♪ これからも穂乃果たちの面倒をみてください!なーんちゃって (Eli's birthday; October 21) Eli-chan, happy birthday! ♪ Please keep looking after us! Just kidding.

今日は絵里ちゃんのお誕生日なんだ。みんなでいっぱいお祝いして、ビックリさせちゃおうっ♪ (Eli's birthday; October 21) It's Eli-chan's birthday today. We're all going to congratulate her and surprise her! ♪

ハロウィンだから、仮装してお菓子をもらいたいなあ! 二人でお揃いの仮装しようよ~♪ (Halloween; October 31) It's Halloween, so I want to dress up and get candy! Let's go out in matching outfits~ ♪

きゃーーーっ!! おばけーーーー!!!! ……はっ、もしかして海未ちゃん仮装してるの!? (Halloween; October 31) Kyaa! A ghost! ...Ah, was it just Umi-chan dressed up as one!?

凛ちゃんのお誕生日プレゼント、何にしようか迷うよ~ ラーメンのぬいぐるみとか売ってるかな? (Rin's birthday; November 1) I'm having trouble figuring out what to get Rin-chan for her birthday. Do they sell ramen plushies?

凛ちゃんお誕生日おめでとう! これからも、元気いっぱいの凛ちゃんとずっと一緒にいたいなあ♪ (Rin's birthday; November 1) Happy birthday, Rin-chan! I hope that I can be together with your energetic self forever. ♪

サンタさんって、プレゼントがいーっぱいの倉庫を持ってると思うんだ。行ってみたいな~ (Christmas Day; December 25) I think Santa has a huge warehouse full of presents. I want to go to it~

メリークリスマスっ! みんながいて、あなたもいる。穂乃果にとって最高のクリスマスだよ♪ (Christmas Day; December 25) Merry Christmas! Everyone is with me, and so are you. I couldn't ask for a better Christmas! ♪

今年一年、とっても楽しかったな♪今年最後の思い出に、一緒に年越しそば食べようよっ (New Year's Eve; December 31) This year was a lot of fun. ♪ Let's have some New Year's soba together and make that our last memory of the year!

来年もみんなに私たちの歌声を届けられますように……♪ 来年もがんばろーっと! (New Year's Eve; December 31) May our songs reach everyone next year as well... ♪ I'll do my best next year too!

今日はライブだよー! 今までの練習の成果を、みんなにも見せてあげたいな (µ's Go→Go! LoveLive!2015 ~Dream Sensation!~ Day 1; January 31, 2015) We've got a concert today! I want to show everyone the fruits of our practice.

えへへ……顔がにやけちゃう。ライブって、みんなの嬉しそうな顔が見られるのが最高なんだ~ (µ's Go→Go! LoveLive!2015 ~Dream Sensation!~ Day 2; February 1, 2015) Ehehe... You've got a huge grin on your face. It's great seeing everyone's happy faces during a concert~

きょろきょろ…うふ。今日の映画、楽しみだねえ♪ ……はっ、凛ちゃんがもう寝てる! (Love Live! The School Idol Movie premiere; June 13, 2015 to July 31, 2015) *glance glance*... Hehe, I can't wait for today's movie. ♪ ...Ah! Rin-chan's already asleep!

Cameos Edit

穂乃果のこと忘れてない? Have you forgotten about me?

穂乃果もたまには呼んでよ~。 Call on me sometimes~

最近消防の仕事が忙しくて…って嘘嘘! (Transformed SR #71 only) I've been really busy with firefighting work... Just kidding!

くまさん穂乃果にも構ってようー (Transformed SR #107 only) Give bear Honoka some of your time too!

ねえねえ、穂乃果とも一緒にプール行こうよ~っ (Transformed SR #122 only) Hey, hey, let's go to the pool~!

あなたが私と一緒にいたくなりますように~っ ……って、催眠術きいてない?(Transformed SR #604 only) You will want to be with me~ ...Huh? The hypnosis isn't working?

ここまで穂乃果をつれてきてくれたのに…離れたりしたら…やぁだよ? (Transformed UR #79 only) After all we've been through together... I don't want to be away from you.