Umi profile
A 16-year-old, second-year high school student and the childhood friend of Honoka and Kotori.Raised in a family that runs a school of traditional Japanese dance,she is a refined girl with perfect manners and has a dignified air

around her. She has also practiced archery ever since she was little. She is strict with herself and with others and hates misconduct and laziness.

  • Japanese Name: 園田 海未
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: March 15 (Pisces)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hobbies: Reading and Calligraphy
  • Height: 159cm
  • Three Sizes: B76 / W58 / H80
  • Favorite Food: Honoka's family's manjuu
  • Least Favorite Food: Carbonated drinks
  • Main Attribute: Cool
  • CV:Mimori Suzuko

Side Stories Edit

What Does Summer Remind You of? (Smile R)
Umi: Normally, I'd go with the archery club on their training camp... but this year, I also have school idol activities.

Umi: I'm the only member of µ's who's also in the archery club, so I'll be away from everyone else for a while.

Umi: The nine of us have been together all the time recently, so it'll feel a bit weird.

Umi: If I said that I'd be lonely... would you come with me?

Umi: Hehe... Just kidding.

If You Could Use Magic (Pure R)
Umi: Magic...?

Umi: Well, I do think that it would be great if I could use magic...

Umi: But I think that I shouldn't depend on magic and do what I can to the best of my ability.

Umi: Huh? I have to answer no matter what?

Umi: In that case... I-I'd like to try flying around in the sky for a bit.

Umi: After all, I can't do that without it!

A Place You Want to Go to (Cool R)
Umi: I'll go anywhere as long as I'm with you.

Umi: If I had to choose though, I'd prefer a quiet place...

Umi: A place where we can be alone, without anyone to disturb us...

Umi: Wait! What am I saying!?

Umi: A young couple together in a dark place... How lewd...

Umi: Eh? Ah? Never mind, it's... nothing...

What You Like (Bokura wa Ima no Naka de R)
Umi: If I had to choose... then probably calligraphy.

Umi: Like archery, it allows you to sharpen your mind.

Umi: Letting your brush draw a stroke is like releasing an arrow. While it may seem simple at first, the more you do it, you realize that there's a deeper world to discover.

Umi: All the indecision in your heart and body come out in the words. It's both frightening and beautiful... and definitely worth trying.

Umi: Huh? Don't I get tired from working my mind all the time?

Umi: Of course, I take breathers from time to time. For example, going out with Honoka and Kotori and the rest of the members... or reading books.

Umi: Though reading novels drags me into the world, which does end up making me excited and tired in the end...

Umi: Tear-jerking romances are great, but I do like it when the protagonists end up happy.

Umi: I wonder what kind of love I'll experience, and how it'll end up.

Umi: ...Hehe, I'm sure that's something God only knows.

A Small Miracle (Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki R)
Umi: A small miracle? Let's see... I think that my being here right now is one.

Umi: There's my becoming a school idol, and also how I'm doing it together with Honoka and the others.

Umi: I'm glad that I didn't turn down her offer to become one.

Umi: Because of that, I made eight precious friends.

Umi: ...Thinking about it now, the fact that we were all born in the same general timeframe and applied to the same school might be a miracle too.

Umi: Looking at it like that, there's nothing that humans should take for granted...

Umi: Of course, having you here cheer me on... is a miracle as well.

Umi: From now on, I want to be thankful of every opportunity I get. Thanks so much.

What Does Winter Remind You of? (Snow halation R)
Umi: Geez... If you sleep in a place like this, you'll catch a cold.

Umi: So defenseless... Hehe.

Umi: ...*gasp*!!

Umi: H-H-H-How long have you been awake for!? Huh? Just now?

Umi: I-I see... No, I saw that you were sleeping and wanted to put a jacket on you... Sorry.

Umi: The sun sets early in the winter, doesn't it? It's already pitch black outside.

Umi: There's less time for us to practice on the roof... It's a bit depressing.

Umi: However, the air feels cleaner in the winter and it feels nice practicing in the mornings. I want to enjoy the good parts of each of the four seasons.

Umi: Hehe, let's end our conversation here and head home. You just woke up, so make sure you stay warm and don't catch a cold...

Umi: I'll lend you my scarf. Let's go.

A Wish You Want Granted (Kore kara no Someday R)
Umi: A wish I want granted... huh?

Umi: It's a bit embarrassing saying it myself, but... it's something like freeing myself.

Umi: ...Huh? I-I don't mean taking off my clothes! ...What are you thinking about?

Umi: What I mean is something more on the inside, not something that can be seen.

Umi: I never tell anyone what I'm thinking or how I feel, and keep it locked up within me.

Umi: The reason is usually something minor, like being unable to find the right timing to say it...

Umi: However... I also think that it could be a more fundamental problem than that.

Umi: Like maybe I'm afraid of making those around me dislike me if I said something weird...

Umi: I always tell Honoka to think more before she speaks... but I'm somewhat jealous of how she's able to do that.

Umi: I think that it would be great if I could know myself better one day. Until that day comes, I'd be delighted if you could keep watching over me.

My Dream Last Night (Yume no Tobira R)
Umi: Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?

Umi: Yes, I slept well too... Ah, speaking of which...

Umi: I had a strange dream last night. I was wearing a white dress, and traveling along the coast on a bicycle.

Umi: The breeze felt nice on my face, and when I went down a hill I stretched my legs forward... Hehe, it was a lot of fun!

Umi: I felt like I could just forget about everything... and go anywhere I wanted to.

Umi: Just as I was going to turn to see the ocean... I woke up, unfortunately.

Umi: Hehe. I'll have to actually go to the ocean if I want to look at it.

Umi: Come to think of it... when I squinted my eyes against the wind, I remembered how it feels to be illuminated by the lights on stage.

Umi: Singing together with my friends, and hearing the voices of everyone supporting us... At those moments, I also feel like I'm capable of doing anything.

Umi: Rather than just feeling that way, I want to actually overcome my limits when I perform. I'll keep working hard at our practice sessions!

Let's Go to a Party ♪ (Music S.T.A.R.T!! R)
Umi: µ's is holding a party today. Did you finish your preparations?

Umi: Huh!? You're not going because you're too nervous...!?

Umi: Wha... What are you saying all of a sudden? We were all working together for this very day for a long time already.

Umi: Geez, you're throwing a tantrum like a little kid... We're the only ones who are attending, so there's no need to be so worried.

Umi: ...I guess I have no choice.

Umi: I'll be your escort then. Do you think you can relax if I'm with you?

Umi: I'll be with you the entire time, so please calm down.

Umi: Going to the party with our hands together like this isn't so bad, is it? Let's go then!

While Listening to Music (T-points R)
Umi: ~ ♪

Umi: ...! Y-You were still in the classroom? Sorry... I thought I was alone here so I started singing.

Umi: We're going to be listening to the new song Maki composed today. Let's head to the clubroom together.

Umi: I wonder... what our new song is going to sound like. I can't wait.

Umi: I didn't listen to much music when I was younger. It's easier to practice martial arts or study in a quiet environment.

Umi: However... right now, I like music... or rather, I love µ's songs.

Umi: Singing and listening to the same music as everyone... I believe that music has the power to share feelings with one another.

Umi: I'll have to do my best to write lyrics that are fitting of Maki's music. Let's work hard together, with our hearts as one!

I Want to Do More! (LLSIF vol.2 Weiss Schwarz Booster R)
Umi: Something... I want to do more of?

Umi: Let's see. I guess... I want to learn more things.

Umi: When I was little, I studied as hard as I could... but I realized that not everything is written in textbooks.

Umi: Perhaps I first starting feeling that way when I started out as a school idol.

Umi: Singing, dancing, performing on stage... None of those are in any textbooks.

Umi: At first, I was scared of it because I wasn't accustomed to it... but after making an effort, it's given me lots of wonderful experience.

Umi: That's why I want to tackle and learn about not only school idols, but many other things as well.

Umi: ...After talking about it, I definitely feel now... that being a school idol has become a big part of who I am.

Yamato Nadeshiko (Initial Ver. SR)
Umi: Umm... I was told that it would be a kimono...

Umi: Well, it is one, but... isn't it a bit too revealing?

Umi: I'd be too embarrassed to wear it in front of anyone else, since it's so short...

Umi: Ah, no, that's not it! I must act like a proper Japanese lady. Even if it's you...

Umi: Ah, but what if it were the person I promise my future to? Would that be acceptable...? I-It would be, right...!?

Umi: L-Let's get married then!

A Bunny's Feelings (Animal Ver. SR)
Umi: Uu, could I change out of this outfit...? It really is embarrassing...

Umi: Huh!? It's cute...?

Umi: You won't trick me even with those complimentary words!

Umi: Geez! ...I guess I have no choice, huh?

Umi: In exchange for doing this, you have to listen to one of my requests.

Umi: Until the live is over... stay close to me, okay...?

Umi: Bunnies can die from loneliness!

I'll Protect the Peace in the School (Job Ver. SR)
Umi: Hey! No running in the hallways!

Umi: Oh, it was you.

Umi: I'm helping to reinforce discipline within the school.

Umi: I don't know why you were in such a hurry, but it's dangerous, okay?

Umi: The halls are quite narrow, and there are other people using them as well, so you could hurt them in the process.

Umi: Also, if you got hurt, everyone in µ's would be worried.

Umi: ...That includes me, of course.

Umi: ! Anyway, please be more careful from now on!

A Live You Want to Do (First Edition Weiss Schwarz SR)
Umi: In order to figure out a live that I want to do, I believe that I have to consider what a live actually is.

Umi: To me, a live is... something that connects me to everyone else, and I become someone else. It's a completely different feeling.

Umi: As such, I want to keep performing lives so I can continue to discover new sides of myself.

Umi: Huh? You want a concrete answer?

Umi: Well, that's... umm... Maybe like new poses or new closing lines... I'm still practicing though... Don't make me say these things!

Umi's Great Summer Declaration (August Ver. SR)
Umi: Umm... Why did we come to the pool today?

Umi: Oh, no, it's not that I don't like the pool...

Umi: It's just... this swimsuit! Don't you think that it's a bit too revealing!?

Umi: Huh? It's summer so it's all right?

Umi: I-It's true that it's nice to be a bit freer during the summer...

Umi: ...Does this swimsuit match your tastes?

Umi: I see... In that case...

Umi: Maybe I will be a bit more open,

Umi: if it means that I can see your happy face...

Umi: Let's swim together for the entire day. ...I don't want to be away from you, okay?

School Idol (Dengeki SR)
Umi: When I first heard "school idol" I thought, "Ah... Honoka's come up with another crazy idea."

Umi: I didn't think it was something that we could do... Well, I did think for a bit that it'd be cool... J-Just a bit, okay!?

Umi: Still, Honoka's seriousness really hit me. She's always saying ridiculous things, but she gave it her all.

Umi: So, I decided to put everything I had into it too. That is an important step of preparation for practitioners of martial arts as well.

Umi: Also, I didn't have much of a choice, so to say... I myself am having lots of fun.

Umi: Honoka and the others drew out a me I didn't know about...

Umi: It's embarrassing, but I'm delighted at the same time. I want them to keep giving me this feeling...

Umi: I'll continue to aim higher and train myself. Thank you for all your support.

The Sports Idol I Dream of Being (October Ver. SR)
Umi: Is there anyone here who doesn't like sports~? Moving your body is lots of fun!

Umi: It's all right! We'll do it on the count of three, okay?

Umi: Umi-oneesan will cheer you on with her cheering beam! ☆

Umi: Ah...!

Umi: Y-Y-Y-Y-You were watching!?

Umi: I don't care if it was cute! What I want to know right now is whether you saw it or not!

Umi: You saw... Ah, you saw, didn't you...

Umi: Uu... We're going to be volunteering at a nearby kindergarten soon, so I was just practicing a bit...

Umi: Huh? I'll be a big hit with the kids? ...Are you sure?

Umi: Th-Then maybe just one more time... Would you mind helping me rehearse?

Plenty of Nutrition (November Ver. SR)
Umi: Thanks for waiting. I made fried rice and pot stickers. I hope they match your tastes...

Umi: Really?

Umi: That's great... I'm so happy that you enjoy my home cooking. But I do feel a bit nervous, hehe...

Umi: Oh right, give me one second.

Umi: Here, have some egg soup and salad too.

Umi: You have to have some vegetables too. Make sure that you're eating a balanced diet.

Umi: ...My chest hurts whenever I think about you collapsing.

Umi: I want the people important to me to always be in good health.

Umi: I want to be by your side... as much as you'll let me.

Umi: That's why... I hope that we'll continue to be able to work together.

Night of Miracles (December Ver. SR)
Umi: Merry Christmas! I've come to you as Santa Claus today.

Umi: Umm, let me tell you the story of Santa Claus.

Umi: Once upon a time, there was a man named Saint Nicholas. One day, he happened upon a poor family that could not afford to let their daughter marry and threw a golden egg through their window—

Umi: ...Huh?

Umi: You don't want to hear the story...? I thought that you'd be able to appreciate Christmas more if you did...

Umi: Hmm... Then let me say some celebratory words of Christmas.

Umi: It is said that miracles occur on Christmas. My feelings for you... might be able to reach you.

Umi: Please... stay with me.

Umi: ...I love you.

A Special Existence (Snow Maiden Ver. SR)
Umi: I'm... apparently something like snow's image girl. Once again... the skirt is so short...

Umi: Ah, look! It's snowing!

Umi: It's beautiful...

Umi: Snow is cold, but it's so soft too...

Umi: It's really special to me... or rather, I consider it something sacred.

Umi: It'd be great if I were special to someone too...

Umi: Hehe, I'm getting a bit cold after standing here watching it for so long.

Umi: Let's go back and take a bath.

Umi: Ah!

Umi: I-I didn't mean that we'd be taking it together! Really!!

Something You Want to Try (LLSIF Weiss Schwarz Booster SR)
Umi: To me, being a school idol is already something very big that I'm trying out... For now, I'll just stick to that.

Umi: I'm not neglecting archery, because that's already very close to being a part of me.

Umi: It'd be great if being a school idol would become something similar...

Umi: Unlike archery, I'm taking on being a school idol with others, which gives me confidence and makes me feel responsibility.

Umi: I don't think that I'm personally suited for being a school idol, so I have to make up for that with hard work.

Umi: I plan on doing my best every day from now on.

Umi: If you could watch over me too... that'd make me really happy.

Umi: Ehh...! Are you still hung up on that "Love Arrow Shoot" thing!?

Regarding SIF (Takaramonos SR)
Umi: Our performance in School Idol Festival has finished without a hitch. Thank you so much!

Umi: It's thanks to all of you out there who watched us, so—

Umi: ...Huh? The greeting is a bit stiff?

Umi: So even in places like this, I need to act like a school idol... Let me try again then.

Umi: We had lots of fun today~! Thanks for coming to watch us~ ☆

Umi: ...How was that?

Umi: Wh-What's so funny!? Geez... Was that all just a joke?

Umi: But I got to see your laughing face so let's just call it even. I... love your smiling face.

My Return Gift is Your... (February Ver. SR)
Umi: ............

Umi: There's nobody else here... I'll take this chance to—

Umi: Kyaa!?

Umi: Geez, don't scare me like that... But I'm glad that you were the one behind me.

Umi: I wanted to give this to you...

Umi: Here, it's chocolate. I don't know if it'll suit your tastes though.

Umi: And well... i-it's filled with my feelings.

Umi: Oh, there's no need to worry about a return gift.

Umi: Just having you accept it with a smile is more than enough of a present for me...

I'm Nervous (March Ver. SR)
Umi: As much as I love winter, spring calms my heart and is nice too.

Umi: You could say that like the snow melting, my heart warms up as well...

Umi: I-I'm not saying that my heart is normally cold or anything.

Umi: The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom too... I'm looking forward to the seeing them line the streets.

Umi: ...Umm!

Umi: Umm, uhh...! P-Please wait. I need to calm myself down first...!

Umi: ...O-Okay, I'm ready now.

Umi: Would you... go flower viewing with me?

Umi: ...You will?

Umi: I'm so glad...! Walking together with you down a path lined with cherry blossoms... sounds like it would make an amazing memory.

A Crane's Feelings (May Ver. SR)
Umi: Fairy tales, huh...? They're nice.

Umi: I can really empathize with it, so I think my favorite is "The Crane That Returned a Favor".

Umi: I can understand how that crane who was saved by the elderly couple felt.

Umi: ...I'm the same as that crane.

Umi: Huh? N-No, I don't mean that I'm capable of transforming like that.

Umi: Like the crane, I always remember the kind things that those who are important to me have done for me.

Umi: You're... one of those people, you know?

Umi: Your kind heart always gives me courage.

Umi: I want to give you courage too.

Umi: So please... always be by my side.

Children's Day (Children's Day Ver. SR)
Umi: It's almost Children's Day, isn't it?

Umi: Our family used to be one of samurai, so we have large carp streamers and helmets from suits of armor.

Umi: Unlike nowadays, lots of people back then lost their lives due to sickness and war...

Umi: Everyone probably wished that their children would be raised without incident and that they would grow up to be fine people.

Umi: Because of the times, it was hard for girls to succeed their families, so if it were me, I probably would've been raised as a boy.

Umi: Even now, Kotori often tries to get me to crossdress...

Umi: ...Ah, don't tell me you think that I'd look good in men's clothing too.

Umi: Geez... Stop teasing me.

Umi: However...

Umi: If I could protect you forever because I were dressed as a man... then I would be okay with that.

Dressing Nicely (June Ver. SR)
Umi: Hello. Today, I get to wear such a beautiful dress.

Umi: While there are lots of differences between Japanese and Western clothing, it feels good to be dressed nicely.

Umi: With my back straight and looking forward, it feels like my clothing matches my feelings and my body.

Umi: There's just... one problem.

Umi: School idols need to be more than nicely dressed.

Umi: For example, you need to tilt your head a little, or keep your toes point inward...

Umi: I'm always practicing it, but... the way of a school idol is quite profound.

Umi: With a dress, all you have to do is trust your partner and cuddle up to them...

Umi: Ah...! P-Please don't blush!

Umi: If I see you like that, it'll make me blush too... My face is burning up...

Searching for Something? (July Ver. SR)
Umi: Umm... Did the Little Mermaid always wear such revealing clothes?

Umi: It's embarrassing, so could I at least get some seaweed to wrap myself in...?

Umi: Ah, I can't... Well, that's enough about the outfit...

Umi: People always talk about mermaids as creatures of fairy tales and stories, but sometimes I think about whether they actually exist.

Umi: Rather than assume that they don't exist, it's more fun to think about the possibility of their existence.

Umi: If there are girls around our age living in the sea... I'd want to talk to them.

Umi: Maybe there are schools in the sea and they're working hard with their studies and clubs too.

Umi: Hehe, the next time I go to the sea, maybe I should dive down and look for them...

Umi: Will you accompany me to the sea sometime? I'll prepare a customized training regimen for you.

Umi: Huh? Even if we go looking for mermaids, then you're not exempt from practice. They're two separate matters!

The Face I Show You (China Dress Ver. SR)
Umi: Haah! Taah!

Umi: Phew... Managing engagement distance in kendo is difficult.

Umi: I have to grasp this concept before the others come back... Haah!

Umi: Kyaa! S-Sorry!! I didn't know you were there... I apologize for pointing a sword at you.

Umi: Our plan for today was to do a photo shoot in China dresses, but for some reason I'm the only one that got a sword along with the dress...

Umi: Jeez... Just what image of me do they have?

Umi: Umm... Was I making a scary face when I pointed the sword at you?

Umi: Really? That's fine, then... I don't want to face you with anything other than a smile.

Umi: I mean... I want you to see my positive sides as much as possible.

Umi: I-It's not like my smile is important or anything... I just think that... I want to convey my fondness for you as much as I can.

My Hero (Hero Ver. SR)
Umi: We're going to be doing a musical in the shopping district for kids.

Umi: Right now, we're all thinking up the story together. It may not be as amazing as what a professional would come up with, but I hope that it will be a fun one.

Umi: What I'm wearing right now is an outfit that Kotori came up with...

Umi: I get the feeling that mine is the only one that looks strong. This practically makes it a hero show!

Umi: Huh!? I-It fits me...!?

Umi: I-Is that so? Maybe I give off the appearance of being a fighter since I do archery and kendo.

Umi: ...There are times... when I want to be protected too though.

Umi: Ah... I-It's nothing. I was just talking to myself.

Umi: But... if you were by my side and smiling... then it gives me confidence.

Umi: Maybe... I just haven't noticed, and you've always been protecting me. My hero is surely...

Don't Tease Me... (Hallowen Ver. SR)
Umi: Going to the amusement park with everyone else is fun too, but sometimes it's nice when it's just the two of us like this.

Umi: And your face when something pops out at the haunted house... Hehe, I'm the only one that gets to see it.

Umi: ...Huh? A... d-d-d-d-date!? I-I don't really know about that stuff!

Umi: I just enjoy being with you, that's all...!

Umi: But if that's called a date, then... I guess... it might be a date...

Umi: I'm not used to hearing that word, so now that I'm aware of this... It's embarrassing.

Umi: Ah... The sky is getting darker now, so I should change my clothes. Please wait here for a bit.

Umi: Happy Halloween! ♪ If you don't give me treats, I'll play a trick on you~

Umi: N-No! I'm not a ghost! I may look like one, but the real me isn't one...!

Umi: Jeez... Don't tease me like that. I don't hate it when you're mean like that, but I like you more when you're kind...

She Should Put in the Effort! (SID ~Aki no Gakuensai ♪~ SR)
Umi: Geez... No means no! Honoka, you're always like thi—

Umi: Ah...! S-Sorry! It's you, not Honoka... Sorry for suddenly snapping like that.

Umi: Earlier today, she wouldn't stop pestering me to tell her the questions that would be on the quiz.

Umi: I wouldn't mind telling her the material that'll be covered... but memorizing the answers like that wouldn't do her any good.

Umi: She needs to put in more effort. Don't you agree?

Umi: ...Though that definitely doesn't apply to her attitude towards being a school idol.

Umi: When I see her earnestly giving something her all... she makes me feel like she's the sun.

Umi: Hehe. I have to make sure I don't lose either. Once the quiz is over, I'll have to do my best during practice!

Unchanging Feelings (Constellation Ver. SR)
Umi: It's not often that I get to go out with you at night like this.

Umi: I don't have some ulterior motive or anything... R-Really.

Umi: Do you like the stars?

Umi: I do too. Hehe, we're the same.

Umi: It's said that since ancient times, the sun, moon and stars have been used as guides for sailors.

Umi: I think that not only is their beautiful and strong light used as guides, they also served as emotional support for people.

Umi: Even after all this time, the same stars are twinkling in the sky... Isn't that amazing?

Umi: People's feelings and actions change with the passing of time.

Umi: But I think that it'd be great... if feelings could remain unchanged.

Umi: My feelings for you will never change. Hehe, what kind of feelings they are is a secret though.

Between Performances (Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku SR)
Umi: Ah... Thank you for coming to see our performance! I'm glad you came.

Umi: This time we're performing in our trio units, so we won't be getting on stage with all nine of us.

Umi: I'll be performing with Nozomi and Rin. Both of them are already done preparing and are relaxing now, since we have time to spare.

Umi: I usually tell them to put more effort into their practice, but when it comes to the real performance, both of them are amazing.

Umi: After previous performances, I'd look at them... and their eyes would be shining beautifully.

Umi: It might've just been the reflection from the stage lights, but... to me, it looked as though their eyes really were radiating light.

Umi: Rather than just being the results of our training, it's like they truly enjoy being on stage from the bottom of their hearts...

Umi: So, I hope to learn from their ability to relax at times like this. Please enjoy our performance!

Let's Train! (Snowy Mountain Ver. SR)
Umi: I'm glad we can all go traveling together like this. When you think of winter you think of snowy mountains, and when you think of snowy mountains you think of a ski lodge!

Umi: Huh? You didn't come here to learn how to ski?

Umi: ...? Umm, let me confirm this with you once more.

Umi: Since you already came all this way, won't you train yourself in the art of skiing with me...?

Umi: I thought so! Good. There aren't many opportunities for us to go skiing, so I don't want this to go to waste.

Umi: We usually don't get to see this kind of snowy landscape either... Here, take a look. Hehe, the snow is covering everything, and looks like it's sparkling.

Umi: Ah... I almost forgot. Are you wearing your sunscreen? The snow is a powerful reflector of sunlight.

Umi: If you didn't bring any, I can lend you mine. I'm spreading it on you, so please stay still...

Umi: ...That should do it.

Umi: Our preparations are complete! Aren't you excited? Today is a day for training~!

I Want to Be Your Support (Seven Lucky Gods Ver. SR)
Umi: Happy New Year! It's always good to give New Year's greetings, no matter how many times you have to.

Umi: Today's outfits are based on the Seven Lucky Gods. It's interesting.

Umi: Japan has so many gods... from success in school to prosperous business and recovery from illness.

Umi: Though I'm not sure what to think about not putting in the effort and relying on the power of gods all the time...

Umi: I think it's a very good thing to pay your respects at a shrine to confirm your wishes and ambitions, and then use that to refresh your feelings and reinvigorate yourself.

Umi: My outfit was inspired by Bishamonten. I'd be helpful for competitions!

Umi: I can't actually give you any sort of divine blessing...

Umi: But I truly want to be your support.

Umi: So if you're ever troubled by anything, please come talk to me, okay?

Umi: Hehe, it looks like this year will be another good one. Please take care of me this year too.

A Happy Event (Love Live! vol.2 Weiss Schwarz SR)
Umi: A moment when I felt happy?

Umi: Let's see... I feel happy when we're able to successfully complete our training menu!

Umi: ...? Why do you look so displeased?

Umi: It also makes me happy when the nine of us in µ's are together.

Umi: However... Yes, thinking about it, I feel that I have fewer happy moments when compared to Honoka or Kotori.

Umi: Everything has its merits and demerits, but I think that having more happy moments would result in more smiles and a more enjoyable everyday life.

Umi: Which means that I have to learn from Honoka and Kotori and smile more often.

Umi: Umm... Would you mind if I practiced smiling with you? If I'm with you, I think I can be more relaxed...

It's Not Obligatory (Valentine's Ver. SR)
Umi: Ah, you came at the perfect time... Sorry, but could you fill that bowl with water?

Umi: Yes, that's great. Thank you so much!

Umi: It's almost Valentine's Day, so I'm making chocolate. The chocolate was a bit too hot, so I wanted to cool it down by another 5°C.

Umi: I'm... going to give this chocolate to Kotori and Honoka. Strangely, I feel a bit nervous... about whether they'll like it or not.

Umi: Well... Honoka will happily eat anything.

Umi: It's chocolate that I've put my feelings into, so I can't make any mistakes.

Umi: I believe that there's a term called "obligatory chocolate"... but I'm definitely not doing this out of any obligation.

Umi: I want these precious feelings of mine... to those two who have been by my side ever since we were little.

Umi: This chocolate's filled with my feelings of gratitude for staying with me all this time, as well as my feelings of wanting to stay together for the years to come.

Umi: Hehe, I guess that's enough talking from me. Once it's done, will you taste test a piece for me?

Walking Down a Street Lined with Cherry Blossoms (Flower Viewing Ver. SR)
Umi: Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?

Umi: I was really excited about today's flower viewing... and I couldn't fall asleep. Hehe, I'm like a little kid before a trip.

Umi: I'm so happy I get to walk with you along this street lined with cherry blossoms... It's been my dream to.

Umi: The pink petals dancing around... It's like a scene out of a dream. It make me feel glad that I was born in Japan.

Umi: Hehe, look, there are some on your hand...

Umi: Ah... I-I'm so sorry!

Umi: What have I done? I got carried away and touched your hand out of the blue... Sorry for startling you.

Umi: Oh, right... I packed a lunch, so would you like to share it with me?

Umi: Thank you. Where do you want to have it, on the bench or on the lawn?

Umi: If I'm with you, it doesn't matter where... Hehe, let's take our time and enjoy the day. Let me hear all sorts of stories about you, okay?

Rethinking Things Through (Job Ver. (Part 2) SR)
Umi: Welcome to the church. If you have a confession to make, then I will listen.

Umi: Just kidding... Hehe. I'm sorry for startling you.

Umi: I'm at the church today to gain job experience.

Umi: I haven't been to a church much before, but helping with cleaning and meals in the morning is close to my daily routine, so I was able to help out.

Umi: It is very quiet and relaxing here, isn't it? It really makes me feel that this is a place open for those who are in need of a break.

Umi: I can't exactly preach the teachings of God, so these are just my personal opinions...

Umi: Everyone has times when they think about improper things or do the wrong thing.

Umi: However, I believe... that you shouldn't dwell on them forever and look forward while rethinking things through.

Umi: Hehe, I only think that way because I'm always watching you work so hard.

Umi: You're someone I look up to... Let's keep doing our best together from now on.

A Goal You Want to Achieve Together (Love Live! The School Idol Movie SR)
Umi: What would I like to achieve with everyone, you ask?

Umi: Perhaps it's not something you achieve... but I'd like to keep moving forward with the others.

Umi: Since I joined µ's, I was thrown into the world of school idols, which I knew nothing about.

Umi: Short skirts, school idol poses... I was confused and struggled on many occasions.

Umi: But when I put on the outfit and stood on the stage... it felt like a door to a future which I never would've imagined had opened.

Umi: My heart races just thinking about what the future has in store.

Umi: I would never have experienced this feeling if I hadn't joined µ's...

Umi: I will always be by your side. Let's keep opening doors to the future together...!

Meeting a New Me (Retro Pop Ver. SR)
Umi: Retro... pop?

Umi: Ah... I didn't know you were here. I was just trying on the new outfit Kotori made for me. What do you think?

Umi: It's a style that used to be popular many years ago... but it's a fresh and lovely outfit.

Umi: The skirt's still too short though... Well, let's set that aside for now.

Umi: This is what people found to be fashionable in the past. Fashion does tend to repeat itself at times.

Umi: Hehe, all of this is what Kotori told me.

Umi: Wearing an outfit that I normally would not pick for myself is a bit embarrassing, but...

Umi: I can think of it as getting to know a new me.

Umi: Before I became a school idol, I never would've imagined... being able to do that or showing that to other people.

Umi: It's embarrassing, but I'd like... to meet other mes in the future as well.

Image Training (Season 1 BD Vol. 2 UR)
Umi: What do we do about practice on rainy days?

Umi: Indeed, we can't dance on the roof, but we can go over the choreography again, or do image training.

Umi: That's when... we focus our minds and imagine ourselves on top of a stage...

Umi: And then, we imagine ourselves dancing on posing... In reality, we also move around a little bit.

Umi: That's right, like what I was doing by myself in the classroom that time...

Umi: Wait, what!? Y-You were watching!?

Cupid of Love (Initial Ver. UR)
Umi: Hehe, it's a cute bow and arrow set, isn't it?

Umi: This outfit comes with a bow, so it makes me feel calm.

Umi: It's like I'm Cupid, so would this arrow be an arrow of love?

Umi: Should I try it out by aiming for your heart...? Just kidding.

Umi: After all, that wouldn't make any difference...

Umi: A-Ah, you didn't hear that just now!

Connected Feelings (September Ver. UR)
Umi: Yukatas keep you nice and cool, and they're not restrictive. Hehe, summers in Japan are all about wearing yukatas.

Umi: Thanks for inviting me to the summer festival today. I'll be remembering it for some time to come.

Umi: Umm... Why did you invite me of all people?

Umi: I've always wanted to go to a summer festival with someone important to me.

Umi: Do you... think that I'm someone important to you...?

Umi: Ah... The fireworks are starting. Do you mind if I sit next to you?

Umi: I see, that's great. Umm, I have one more request.

Umi: Can we... hold hands?

Umi: ......

Umi: Hehe... Thank you. Being connected to you like this... makes me feel happy.

Rhythm Games (Comiket UR)
Umi: Haa...!!

Umi: Taa!!

Umi: ...Ah! H-How long have you been standing there behind me for!?

Umi: I've started playing rhythm games lately because of Honoka.

Umi: Aiming for a single instant in time is similar to kendo.

Umi: Honoka and Kotori have told me to be careful to not break the buttons though... I'll have to concentrate...

Umi: Huh? You'll hold my hand and we'll press together?

Umi: Th-That makes me happy, but... Uu, it's embarrassing and I don't think I'll be able to move at all...

The Day I Turn Twenty (January Ver. UR)
Umi: Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to another great year with you.

Umi: I like my archery outfit, but kimonos just can't be beat. Just putting it on made me feel tense.

Umi: And the cool, crisp air... makes my entire body feel sacred.

Umi: By the way, did you know that there is a type of archery where you wear kimonos?

Umi: People who have just turned twenty are allowed to participate, and I was thinking of doing that when the time comes for me.

Umi: ...Will you still be by my side at that time...?

Umi: Sorry, I got a little worried.

Umi: I'm supposed to trust you and yet I'm thinking about things like this.

Umi: ...It's nothing. I hope that this year turns out just as good as the last!

Learning from Japanese Sweets (April Ver. UR)
Umi: Sweets?

Umi: I don't particularly eat a lot of sweet things... but they taste good after studying or exercising.

Umi: I enjoy not only eating but also looking at those intricate Japanese sweets.

Umi: They're delicious and bring me happiness. Japanese sweets are really amazing.

Umi: As a school idol, I need to pull myself together and work hard to make everyone happy.

Umi: However... there is still a lot I'm not used to.

Umi: For example... how short our skirts are.

Umi: Because... if we're dancing on the stage, don't you think someone could see up our skirts!?

Umi: In the case we're supposed to wear stage underwear and be fine with them being shown... It's beyond common sense!

Umi: Haa... The path to being a school idol is tough... I'll try my best...

I Was So Happy that I... (Café Maid Ver. UR)
Umi: By the way... I have something I want to tell you today.

Umi: It's very important, so please hear me out.

Umi: The truth is... You see... After continuously telling Kotori to make my skirts longer, this time I finally won!!

Umi: Ahh, thank goodness... This was truly a long journey.

Umi: Hehe, how is it? This classical maid uniform! A long, flowing skirt with beautiful frills! Don't you think it's perfect for a waitress?

Umi: Ah...! S-Sorry, I was so happy that I ended up getting overexcited...

Umi: This maid uniform works as both a stage outfit and a café maid uniform.

Umi: It'll be fun to work as a maid, but... One day, rather than being a waitress, I want to share a parfait with you at the café.

Umi: Ah...! S-Sorry, I was so happy that I ended up saying something weird...

Umi: But that wasn't a lie. Umm... If you don't mind, would you like to go to a café with me next time?

I Want You to Be at Your Best (Season 2 BD Vol. 4 UR)
Umi: Good morning! The weather's great today too, isn't it?

Umi: The sky in fall is clear, and it feels so refreshing... Hmm? Hmmm!?

Umi: Could it be that... *stare*...

Umi: If you'll allow me to change the subject... Have you gotten fatter around your waist?

Umi: I thought so... I'm always watching you so of course I'd notice!

Umi: A disheveled appearance is akin to a disordered heart! Let's get your body back to normal with a balanced diet, moderate exercise and a regulated lifestyle.

Umi: I can give it my all if you do the same. I always want to see you at your best...!

Umi: I'll support you every step of the way, so there's no need to worry. Let's go and run laps around the school!

Letters of Happiness (White Day Ver. UR)
Umi: Hello! Another beautiful day today, isn't it? Hehe!

Umi: ...Huh? I'm in a really good mood today?

Umi: Well... it's because today's White Day, so Honoka and Kotori gave me return gifts!

Umi: Honoka gave me a keychain of a girl doing archery, and Kotori gave me a small handmade doll... of me.

Umi: Both of them are so cute... Ah, I don't mean to say that I'm cute.

Umi: I feel really happy when I think about how much thought they put into their gifts for me. I want to carry them with me every day.

Umi: However, what makes me the happiest are the letters that came with their gifts. The contents of them? ...Hehe, I'm not telling.

Umi: It made my chest burn up... when I figured out that Honoka and Kotori both think the same way as me.

Umi: Of course, their gifts make me happy, but I think I found... an even more important treasure.

Umi: So I want to walk home with Honoka and Kotori today... Hehe, if you'll excuse me now!

Quotes Edit

Home Screen Edit

弓を握った瞬間、心がすーっと落ち着くんです Once I've grabbed onto the arrow, I feel completely at peace.

弓道部とスクールアイドルとの両立は大変ですが、充実しています Both the archery club and being a school idol are hard work, but I'm doing my best.

穂乃果の家は和菓子屋なのですが…そこのおまんじゅうが絶品なんです Honoka's family runs a Japanese sweets store... Their manjuu are absolutely delicious.

調子はどうですか?私はばっちりです How are you feeling? I'm in perfect shape.

過ごしやすい季節でなによりです。 (Spring only) This season is so pleasant.

暑いからってだらしのないのはダメですよ? (Summer only) You can't laze around just because it's hot out.

色んなものが美味しい季節ですね。 (Fall only) It's a season where many things taste good.

ずいぶん寒い…風邪には注意してくださいね? (Winter only) It's quite cold... Be sure not to catch a cold, okay?

今日もよろしくお願いします (SRs/URs, 5AM - 5PM only) I'll be counting on you today too.

お疲れ様でした。早めに休んで、明日に備えましょう (SRs/URs, 5PM - 5AM only) Good job. Go rest up early and be prepared for tomorrow.

おはようございます。気持ちのいい朝ですね (URs, 5AM - 11AM only) Good morning. What a great morning it is.

まだまだ頑張れますよね? (URs, 11AM - 5PM only) We can still keep on going.

もうこんな時間…あなたといると一日が早いです。 (URs, 5PM - 11PM only) It's already this late... The day passes by so quickly when I'm with you.

まだ起きてるんですか?もう…夜更かしはダメですよ? (URs, 11PM - 5AM only) You're still awake? Geez... Staying up late is bad for you.

ちょっとこの衣装……ぬ、布が少なすぎますよね… (Low-kizuna low-leveled transformed R #31 only) This outfit... has so little fabric...

みなさん喜んでくれているでしょうか…? (Low-kizuna low-leveled transformed R #40; R #301; transformed R #337; transformed R #497; R #613; transformed R #682; SR #158; high kizuna SR #229; high kizuna SR #238; high kizuna SR #447; SR #467; SR #519; high kizuna SR #622; SR #714; high kizuna UR #208; high kizuna UR #419 only) I wonder if everyone will like it...

あなたとならどんどん先に進める、そんな気がするんです (Low-kizuna low-leveled transformed R #49; transformed R #287; transformed R #433; transformed R #572; R #594; high kizuna SR #158; SR #229; SR #238; SR #447; high kizuna SR #467; high kizuna SR #519; SR #622; high kizuna SR #714; UR #208; UR #419 only) I feel that if I'm with you, I can keep moving forward.

ちょっとおしゃれ、しちゃいました♪ (Untransformed SR #58 only) I dressed up a little bit. ♪

この衣装…やっぱり足がスースーします… (Transformed SR #58; SR #112 only) This outfit... My legs feel so exposed...

あなたのためならどんな衣装でも着こなします♪ (High kizuna, transformed SR #58; high kizuna SR #112 only) I'll wear any outfit if it's for you. ♪

あ、あまり寝間着で出歩くのもどうかと思うのですが… (Untransformed SR #81 only) G-Going out in my sleepwear is a bit...

うーさぎぴょんぴょん♪……あ。い、今の見てました? (Transformed SR #81 only) Bunny goes hop hop~♪ ...Oh. W-Were you watching just now?

あなたがいないと寂しくて…ダメなんです (High kizuna, transformed SR #81 only) I'm lonely when you aren't around... I can't bear it.

今日はどこかにお出かけしませんか? (Untransformed SR #86 only) Do you want to go out somewhere today?

逮捕しますよ!なーんて……似合っていますか? (Transformed SR #86 only) You're under arrest! Just kidding... Did that fit me?

この手錠であなたと一生離れられないように…ハッ!私は何を… (High kizuna, transformed SR #86 only) With the use of these handcuffs, we'll be linked together for life... Ah! What was I saying...

早朝はラジオ体操をするのも、気持ちがいいものです。あなたも一緒にやりませんか? (Untransformed SR #124 only) I do radio exercises early in the mornings, and they feel great. Would you like to do them with me?

スクール水着の方が、学生らしく好ましいと思うのですが……あなたはどう思いますか? (Transformed SR #124 only) I believe that school swimsuits are more suited for students... What do you think?

ふふっ、次はビーチバレーやりましょう!私楽しくて……今日はとっても嬉しいんです (High kizuna, transformed SR #124 only) Hehe, let's play beach volleyball next! I'm having so much fun... and feel so happy today.

悩んだりしたときは、思い切って運動しちゃいましょう。意外とすっきりするものです (Untransformed SR #162 only) Whenever you're troubled by something, do some exercise. Surprisingly, it calms you down.

弓道と同じで、どの競技も最後は己との戦いになります。揺るがない精神を保ちたいですね (Transformed SR #162 only) Like archery, any competition is a battle against yourself. You must make sure your mind never wavers.

『応援ビーム、君たちに届いたかな?ビビッ☆』…やっぱり見ないでください (High kizuna, transformed SR #162 only) "Has my cheer beam reached you all? Bzzt☆" ...Never mind, please look away.

旬の野菜を多く摂るようにしたいですよね。その方が美味しくて、栄養もありますから (Untransformed SR #184 only) You want to use as many in-season vegetables as possible. They're more delicious and nutritious that way.

もっとレシピの幅を広げたいです…… あなたも試食してくれますか? (Transformed SR #184 only) I want to expand on this recipe... Will you taste test it with me?

食べ過ぎてしまったときは、次の日の運動で取り戻しましょう!大丈夫。私がついていますから (High kizuna, transformed SR #184 only) If you eat too much, just exercise it off the next day! Don't worry. I'll be with you.

初雪はいつ頃になるんでしょうか……。ふふ、少しワクワクしてしまいます (Untransformed SR #192 only) I wonder when the first snowfall will be... Hehe, I'm a bit excited.

私がサンタに、ですか?……行事をより楽しむためにも、事前に調べておく必要がありそうですね (Transformed SR #192 only) You want me to be Santa? ...I'll have to do some research so that I can enjoy the role more.

私の気持ちは……あなたに届いていますか?もっとあなたに近づきたいんです。……好きなんです (High kizuna, transformed SR #192 only) Are my feelings... reaching you? I want to be closer to you... because I love you.

雪を見ると、なんとなくホッとするんです。不思議ですよね (Untransformed SR #206 only) Looking at snow calms me down for some reason. It's strange.

降り積もる雪のように、私の想いも日に日に大きくなっていきます。 (Transformed SR #206 only) Just like the snow piling up, my feelings are growing larger by the day.

もう……そんなにからかわないでください。一緒にお風呂なんて、ダメですからね? (High kizuna, transformed SR #206 only) Geez... Stop teasing me so much. I'm not going to get in the bath with you.

季節の変わり目は体調を崩しやすいですから、気を付けてくださいね (Untransformed SR #246 only) It's easy to get sick when the seasons are changing, so take care, okay?

はぁ……まだ周りに人が多いですね…… (Transformed SR #246 only) Sigh... There are still so many people around...

あなたの笑顔を見ると、元気が出てくるんです。笑顔の力って、すごいのですね (High kizuna, transformed SR #246 only) I cheer up whenever I see your smile. The power of a smile really is wonderful.

まだ朝晩は冷えますから、羽織り物を持っていってくださいね (Untransformed SR #263 only) It's still cold in the mornings and evenings, so please bring something warm to wear.

春の花は色も綺麗で、癒されますよね (Transformed SR #263 only) Spring flowers have such beautiful colors; they're very soothing.

あなたを誘うのは、いつになっても緊張します…… (High kizuna, transformed SR #263 only) I'm always nervous about inviting you out...

部屋でずっと部屋着を着るのですか? 朝は着替えた方がいいのではないでしょうか…… (Untransformed SR #311 only) Do you always wear your pajamas when you're in your room? I think it might be better to change clothes in the morning...

鶴の鳴き声ですか!?ま、真似をするのは難しいのではないかと……すみません (Transformed SR #311 only) A-A crane's voice!? Th-That might be too hard to mimic... Sorry.

私は人ではありませんから、本当の姿をお見せできないのです。……冗談ですけれど (High kizuna, transformed SR #311 only) I'm not a human being, so I can't show you my true form... Just kidding.

すみません。今弓道の稽古中ですので、もう少し待っていただけますか? (Untransformed SR #317 only) Sorry, I'm currently practicing my archery, so could you please wait a little longer?

鯉のぼりが風を受けて、立派に泳いでいます。今年も無事にこの季節を迎えられました (Transformed SR #317 only) The carp streamers are swimming nicely in the wind. This season of the year has come without incident again.

『ここは私に任せておけ! 君は逃げるんだ。さあ、早く!』……なーんて。似合っていますか? (High kizuna, transformed SR #317 only) "Leave it to me! You get away from here. Hurry!" ...Just kidding. Did that fit me?

気が焦るときは、目を瞑って一呼吸するだけでも落ち着きますよ (Untransformed SR #326 only) When you feel impatient, just close your eyes and take a deep breath - it'll calm you down.

あまりこういう服は着ないですから……少し緊張しますね (Transformed SR #326 only) I usually don't wear these kinds of clothes... I'm a bit nervous.

あの……あなたとの距離が近いと、恥ずかしくなってしまいます (High kizuna, transformed SR #326 only) Umm... It's embarrassing when we're so close together.

木々の緑が濃くなってきました。夏ももうすぐですね (Untransformed SR #355 only) *placeholder*

こ、この衣装はちょっと……あの、別のものに変えませんか? (Transformed SR #355 only) *placeholder*

あなたと一緒に海に行けたら……ふふ、とても楽しい思い出になりそうです (High kizuna, transformed SR #355 only) *placeholder*

外国の文化に親しむのであれば、最低限は勉強してくださいね? (Untransformed SR #394 only) *placeholder*

な、なぜ薙刀がここに…… (Transformed SR #394 only) *placeholder*

あなたの笑顔を見ると、こころがじんわりとあたたかくなるんです (High kizuna, transformed SR #394 only) *placeholder*

最近は日が短くなってきましたね。夏の終わりは、少しだけ……寂しい気持ちになります (Untransformed SR #417 only) *placeholder*

ことり……なぜ私はこの衣装なのですか…… (Transformed SR #417 only) *placeholder*

あなたが当たり前のようにそばにいてくれて……私は幸せ者ですね (High kizuna, transformed SR #417 only) *placeholder*

遊園地にはあまり行かないので……今日は色々教えてくださいね (Untransformed SR #423 only) *placeholder*

まさか、悪戯されたいなんていうことは……ないですよね? (Transformed SR #423 only) *placeholder*

おかしいです。こんなにあなたのことばかり考えてしまうなんて…… (High kizuna, transformed SR #423 only) *placeholder*

肌寒い日は、羽織り物も持ち歩くようにしてくださいね。風邪をひいてはいけませんから (Untransformed SR #461 only) *placeholder*

あの、今夜なのですが……もしよろしければ、一緒に星を見ませんか? (Transformed SR #461 only) *placeholder*

あなたに初めてお会いしたときから……いえ、なんでもありません… (High kizuna, transformed SR #461 only) *placeholder*

雪が降ると交通機関に影響が出ないか心配になりますが……それでも、雪はワクワクしますね (Untransformed SR #472 only) *placeholder*

旅行の準備は終わりましたか? 渡したチェックリストで、再確認しておいてくださいね (Transformed SR #472 only) *placeholder*

もしよろしければ、一緒に手をつないで滑りませんか? 練習にもなりますし……きっと楽しいです (High kizuna, transformed SR #472 only) *placeholder*

今年の抱負はもう考えましたか? 充実した一年にしたいですね (Untransformed SR #511 only) *placeholder*

初詣に行きませんか? あなたと一緒なら、おみくじもいい結果が出そうな気がします (Transformed SR #511 only) *placeholder*

辛いときは互いに支え合いたいですよねそうすれば、あなたといつも楽しく過ごせますから (High kizuna, transformed SR #511 only) *placeholder*

今日も冷えますね。私の手袋をお貸ししましょうか? (Untransformed SR #536 only) *placeholder*

今日は用事があって…… もし何かあったら、調理室に来てくださいね (Transformed SR #536 only) *placeholder*

チョコレートを喜んでもらえるか……ドキドキしてしまいます (High kizuna, transformed SR #536 only) *placeholder*

もし授業で分からないことがあったら、いつでも聞いてくださいね (Untransformed SR #567 only) *placeholder*

私との約束……覚えていますか? 明日は公園で待ち合わせですからね (Transformed SR #567 only) *placeholder*

あなたと一緒に桜並木を歩いたこと……私の大切な思い出です (High kizuna, transformed SR #567 only) *placeholder*

たまには希やにこのような髪型にしてみるのもいいかなと…… あまり似合わないでしょうか (Untransformed SR #578 only) *placeholder*

悩みを抱えたあなたを、私たちが受け入れましょう (Transformed SR #578 only) *placeholder*

あなたの姿を見ているだけで幸せな気持ちになってしまいます。不思議ですね (High kizuna, transformed SR #578 only) *placeholder*

夏が来る前に、しっかりと体力をつけておきたいですよね! 練習のときは私がお供します! (Untransformed SR #587 only) *placeholder*

ことりは本当に洋服が好きなのですね……。嬉しそうなことりを見ていると、私も嬉しくなります (Transformed SR #587 only) *placeholder*

うっ……すっ、すみません、こんなに短いスカートで人前に出てしまって……! (High kizuna, transformed SR #587 only) *placeholder*

何事もやってみなければ分かりません。恐れずに挑戦していきたいですね (Untransformed SR #606 only) *placeholder*

私はついに……ついに手品を会得しました!! (Transformed SR #606 only) *placeholder*

自分に手品が出来るか、なんて心配する必要はありません! さあ、トランプを持って特訓です! (High kizuna, transformed SR #606 only) *placeholder*

ことりにファッションの歴史を教わっているのですが……私の知らないことばかりです (Untransformed SR #652 only) *placeholder*

新しい衣装、凛や穂乃果に似合いそうですね。……えっ、私が着るのですか! (Transformed SR #652 only) *placeholder*

そ……そんなに見つめられたら、恥ずかしくなってしまいますっ (High kizuna, transformed SR #652 only) *placeholder*

暑いからと言ってだらけていないで、私と出かけましょう (Untransformed SR #656 only) *placeholder*

穂乃果。プールで遊びたくなる気持ちは分かりますが、授業中ですから大人しくしていてください (Transformed SR #656 only) *placeholder*

授業は終わりましたから……これで二人でゆっくり話が出来ますね (High kizuna, transformed SR #656 only) *placeholder*

スクールアイドルをはじめてから、色々なイベントに参加してきましたが……ふふ、楽しいものです (Untransformed SR #673 only) *placeholder*

たまには遊園地もいいですね。帰りは二人で観覧車でも乗りませんか? (Transformed SR #673 only) *placeholder*

かわいい衣装を着た私は……あなたの目にはどう映っているでしょうか (High kizuna, transformed SR #673 only) *placeholder*

穂乃果ったら、動物園に入るなり走って行ってしまいましたが、どこへ行ったのでしょうか。 (Untransformed SR #697 only) *placeholder*

ゾウとは……あんなにも大きい生き物なのですね。私、圧倒されてしまいました (Transformed SR #697 only) *placeholder*

ゾウにエサやりができてよかったです。また一緒に行きましょうね。 (High kizuna, transformed SR #697 only) *placeholder*

美術館ではお静かに! 騒ぐなんてもっての他です、心穏やかに作品を楽しみましょう (Untransformed SR #723 only) *placeholder*

こ、こういう服装はあまり私には似合わないのでは……え、そんなことはない、ですか? (Transformed SR #723 only) *placeholder*

今の私なら革命だって乗り越えられそうな気分です! (High kizuna, transformed SR #723 only) *placeholder*

こんなジャングルに来るのなら、もっと装備を整えてくるべきでした…… (Untransformed SR #737 only) *placeholder*

これだけ目立つ服装なら、深いジャングルの奥であってもきっと見つけてくれますよね? (Transformed SR #737 only) *placeholder*

まだまだ世界には知らないことが溢れています。出来れば、あなたと一緒に探検していきたいです (High kizuna, transformed SR #737 only) *placeholder*

弓道着を着ると、気が引き締まりますね。 (Untransformed UR #73 only) I become completely focused once I put on my archery uniform.

一緒にスクールアイドルの高みを目指しましょうね (Untransformed UR #73 only) Let's aim to be the best school idols we can.

あなたのハートを狙い撃ち♪って何させるんですか! (Transformed UR #73 only) I'm aiming straight for your heart! ♪ Wait, what are you making me say!?

あなたと一緒にいられる幸せ……今、それを感じています (High kizuna, transformed UR #73 only) Right now... I can feel the happiness of being together with you.

そんなに暑いですか?何かに集中していれば、暑さはそれほど気にならないと思いますが…… (Untransformed UR #145 only) Is it really that hot? When you're focused on something, I think that it takes your mind away from the heat...

ミニスカートになった浴衣などもかわいいですが……やはり伝統的な浴衣が好きですね (Transformed UR #145 only) A mini-skirt yukata is cute, but... I still prefer more traditional designs.

ずっとこうしていたいです。あなたの手が離れてしまうなんて……考えただけでも寂しいですから (High kizuna, transformed UR #145 only) I want to stay like this forever. Just the thought of letting go of your hand makes me feel lonely...

冬の空気は澄んでいて、気持ちがいいです。二度寝はいけませんよ? (Untransformed UR #214 only) The air is clear in the winter and it feels nice. No going back to sleep, okay?

今までの経験を活かし、よりよい一年に出来たらと思います。本年もどうぞよろしくお願いします (Transformed UR #214 only) I think we should use our past experiences to make the most out of this year. I'll be counting on you this year as well.

弓道のように、あなたの心も射抜くことが出来たらいいのに……なんて、変ですよね (High kizuna, transformed UR #214 only) If only piercing your heart was just like archery... That sounds weird, doesn't it?

りんごを剥いておきますから、あとで食べてくださいね (Untransformed UR #296 only) I'll peel and slice some apples for you, so please eat them later.

果物が衣装になってしまうのですから……驚きですね (Transformed UR #296 only) Fruits have turned into clothes... I'm surprised.

やっぱり恥ずかしい…… スカートの長さ、ことりに調整してもらってきます! (High kizuna, transformed UR #296 only) This really is embarrassing... I'm going to get Kotori to change the length of this skirt!

今日はことりと大事な話し合いをしているので……お先に失礼します (Untransformed UR #415 only) *placeholder*

ふっ……ふふっ……ついに、ついにことりの説得に成功しました……! (Transformed UR #415 only) *placeholder*

あなたと一緒だとつい嬉しくて、舞い上がってしまうみたいで……恥ずかしいです (High kizuna, transformed UR #415 only) *placeholder*

春の訪れももうすぐでしょうか。陽射しが暖かくなってきたような気がします (Untransformed UR #549 only) *placeholder*

ふふ。ホワイトデーのお返しを頂いてしまいました (Transformed UR #549 only) *placeholder*

これからもずっと、穂乃果とことりと一緒にいられますように…… (High kizuna, transformed UR #549 only) *placeholder*

うふ……凛たちが楽しそうに旅のしおりを作っています。旅行って、いいものですね (Untransformed UR #643 only) *placeholder*

海はお好きですか? あっ……わ、私のことではなくて、あの広い海のことです…… (Transformed UR #643 only) *placeholder*

ずっとこの海を見ていたい……。もし、あなたも同じ気持ちなら……とても嬉しいです (High kizuna, transformed UR #643 only) *placeholder*

Tapping the Character Edit

私がお手伝いします。 I'll help you out.

く、くすぐったいです! Th-That tickles!

きゃっ、ど、どうしました? Kyaa! Wh-What's the matter?

今、呼びました? Did you call for me just now?

なにかご用ですか? Do you need something?

も、もう!やめてください! G-Geez, stop it already!

あ、あの、何か...? U-Umm... What is it...?

それ以上やったら怒りますよ? I'll get angry if you keep doing that.

み…みんなが見てます…… (High kizuna, transformed URs/SRs only) E-Everyone's watching...

もう…仕方ない人ですね… (High kizuna, transformed URs/SRs only) Geez... You really are hopeless...

ちょっと恥ずかしい…です… (High kizuna, transformed URs/SRs only) This is a bit embarrassing...

Other Screens Edit

読んでみたいストーリーを選んでください。 (Story screen) Choose a story you want to read.

部員への指示をお願いします。 (Club members screen) Please give directions to the members of the club.

LPがない時はラブカストーンを使って回復することもできますよ。 (Shop screen) When you're out of LP, you can use loveca stones to restore it.

お友達の様子が見られますよ (Friends screen) You can check up on your friends.

Event-Triggered Edit

プレゼントが届いていますよ。 (When there are available presents) You've received some presents.

今は練習あるのみ、ですよ? (When a lession is possible) We have to keep on practicing.

特別練習ができるみたいです。 (When a special lesson is possible) It looks like you can do a special lesson.

新しい情報があるみたいですよ。 (When there is unread news) You have some new news.

ストーリーの続き、一緒に見ませんか? (When there are unread stories) Do you want to read the rest of the story together?

勧誘をしてみませんか? (When the daily normal box draw hasn't been done) Would you like to try recruiting new members?

イベント開催中みたいです。参加してみませんか? (When there is an event going on) There's an event in progress right now. Why not participate in it?

課題を達成するまで、私は諦めません。 (When there are incomplete assignments) I won't give up until we've finished all our assignments.

あの、ライブ…しませんか? (When there are new live stages) Umm, do you... want to do a live performance?

Date-Triggered Edit

あけましておめでとうございます。「一年の計は元旦にあり」ですから、寝正月はいけませんよ? (New Year's Day; January 1) Happy New Year. They say that New Year's Day is the key of the year, so don't spend it doing nothing.

花陽、誕生日おめでとうございます。今日はおにぎりを作ってきました。あなたに教わりましたから (Hanayo's birthday; January 17) Happy birthday, Hanayo. I made rice balls today since you taught me how to.

さあ、この炒り豆をどうぞ。これがあれば、鬼を寄せ付けません! (Setsubun; February 3) Here, take these roasted beans. Demons won't come near you if you have them!

友チョコとは……? また私の知らない単語が…… (Valentine's Day; February 14) What is "friendship chocolate"...? It's another term I don't know...

私がお内裏様に、ですか? ええ、構いませんよ。私がお雛様をしっかりと守ってみせましょう (Doll Festival; March 3) You want me to be the Emperor doll? Sure, I don't mind. I'll be sure to properly look over the dolls.

ホワイトデーなので、友キャンディーです。……え? そういう単語はないのですか? (White Day; March 14) It's White Day, so here's some friendship candy. ...Huh? That term doesn't exist?

こうやって毎年誕生日を迎えられることに、幸せを感じます。今年もよろしくお願いします (Umi's birthday; March 15) Being able to welcome my birthday every year like this makes me happy. Let's have another great year together.

今日は真姫の誕生日会ですから、真姫が音楽室に来ても、まだ中に入れてはいけませんよ? (Maki's birthday; April 19) We're throwing a birthday party for Maki, so even if she comes to the music room, don't let her in, okay?

また私がかくれんぼの鬼ですか……!?もう……こどもの日だからって、みんなはしゃぎすぎです (Children's Day; May 5) I'm it again...!? Geez... Everyone's getting so carried away just because it's Children's Day.

希は自分のことには意外と無頓着ですから……私たちでしっかり誕生日をお祝いしてあげましょう (Nozomi's birthday; June 9) Surprisingly, Nozomi doesn't seem to care much about it herself... We have to celebrate her birthday properly.

今日は七夕ですね。晴れるように、私も祈っています (Tanabata; July 7) Today is Tanabata. I'll also pray for the skies to be clear.

七夕は何をお願いするのですか? 私は……あ、あなたには言えませんっ (Tanabata; July 7) What did I wish for for Tanabata? I... I-I can't tell you!

『海未の日』ではなくて、『海の日』なのですが……お祝いをしてくれるそうなので、楽しみです (Marine Day 2014; July 21, 2014) It's "Marine (umi) Day" and not "Umi's Day"... but it's as if people are cheering me on so I'm enjoying it.

今日は『海未の日』ではなくて……もうご存じですよね。今日は一緒に海を見にいきませんか? (Marine Day 2015; July 20, 2015) It's "Marine Day" and not... You already know that, don't you? Do you want to go to the sea together?

にこが誕生日なのは分かっていますが……本当にやるのですか? に……にっこにっこにー……☆ (Nico's birthday; July 22) I know it's Nico's birthday today, but... do I really have to do it? N-Nico Nico Smile... ☆

にこ!今日はあなたが主役ですよ。みんなで誕生日をお祝いできて、嬉しいです (Nico's birthday; July 22) Nico! You're the main character today. I'm glad that we can all celebrate your birthday together.

穂乃果、誕生日おめでとうございます。今年もあなたに振り回されるのが楽しみです……なんて (Honoka's birthday; August 3) Happy birthday, Honoka. I'm looking forward to being dragged around by you for another year... Just kidding.

希……いくら穂乃果の誕生日だからと言って、このパンの山は多すぎますっ! (Honoka's birthday; August 3) Nozomi... I know it's Honoka's birthday today, but this mountain of bread is way too much!

今日は十五夜ですね。月光が美しくて……神霊が宿っていると考えられていたのもよく分かります (Mid-Autumn Festival 2014; September 8, 2014) Today's the Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon is so beautiful... No wonder they say that it's inhabited by spirits.

穂むらでは十五夜にあわせて、うさぎのおまんじゅうを販売しています。おすすめですよ (Mid-Autumn Festival 2015; September 27, 2015) Homura is selling rabbit manjuu for the Mid-Autumn Festival. I highly recommend them.

ことり、誕生日おめでとうございます。今年もこうして誕生日を祝えることに、喜びを感じます (Kotori's birthday; September 12) Happy birthday, Kotori. I'm glad that I'm able to celebrate your birthday this year like this too.

ことり、誕生日おめでとうございます。ことりのために、出来る限りのことをしてあげたいのです (Kotori's birthday; September 12) Happy birthday, Kotori. I want to do as much as I can for you.

今日は絵里の誕生日ですね。絵里は私たちをまとめてくれる、µ'sのお姉さんのような存在なんです (Eli's birthday; October 21) It's Eli's birthday today. She brings us all together and is like the older sister of µ's.

絵里、ハッピーバースデー!……ふふ。絵里に喜んでもらうため準備をしていたんです (Eli's birthday; October 21) Happy birthday, Eli! ...Hehe, I was just practicing to make sure that she's happy.

ハロウィンというのは、不思議な風習ですね。お菓子をあげないといたずらされてしまうなんて…… (Halloween; October 31) Halloween is a mysterious custom. You get tricked if you don't give out a treat...

ふふ……甘く見てもらっては困ります。今日のハロウィンは気合いを入れて仮装をしますよ! (Halloween; October 31) Hehe... You shouldn't underestimate me. I'll be putting my all into this Halloween and dressing up!

凛が誕生日を迎えたことを、なぜか自分のことのように嬉しく思ってしまうんです。不思議ですね (Rin's birthday; November 1) Welcoming Rin's birthday makes me feel as happy as if it were my own for some reason. It's strange.

ふふっ、凛が笑顔だと私も嬉しいです。凛、誕生日おめでとうございます! (Rin's birthday; November 1) Hehe, seeing Rin's smile makes me happy as well. Rin, happy birthday!

え? サンタさんは大きな倉庫からプレゼントを取り出して、大きな靴下に入れるのですか……? (Christmas Day; December 25) Huh? Santa takes out presents from a huge warehouse and puts them into big stockings...?

なんて美味しいクリスマスケーキなんでしょう…… ことり、これでは食べ過ぎてしまいます……! (Christmas Day; December 25) What a delicious Christmas cake... Kotori, I'm going to end up overeating at this rate...!

今年一年、悔いなく過ごせましたか? ふふ、来年も一緒に頑張りましょうね (New Year's Eve; December 31) Do you have any regrets left from this year? Hehe, let's do our best next year too.

もうすぐ今年も終わりです。来年も……いえ、これからずっと……私と一緒にいてくれますか? (New Year's Eve; December 31) This year is about to end. Will you continue to stay with me next year... no, from now on?

今日はいよいよライブの日……今出来る最高のステージに出来るよう、頑張りたいと思います (µ's Go→Go! LoveLive!2015 ~Dream Sensation!~ Day 1; January 31, 2015) It's finally the day of our concert... I want to give it everything I have so that it will be the best one we've put on so far.

今日のライブ衣装もスカート丈が短くて……でも、大丈夫です。やるからには、気合いを入れて! (µ's Go→Go! LoveLive!2015 ~Dream Sensation!~ Day 2; February 1, 2015) The skirts for our outfits today are really short... But it's okay. I said I'd do it, so I'll do my best!

映画ですか? 私は……運命の導きで二人が結ばれるような、ロマンティックな映画が好きです (Love Live! The School Idol Movie premiere; June 13, 2015 to July 31, 2015) A movie? I... enjoy romantic movies about two lovers who are led to each other by fate.

Cameos Edit

私のこと、忘れてませんか? Have you forgotten about me?

たまには構って欲しいです。 I want you to worry about me too once in a while.

兎は寂しいと死んじゃうんですよ? (Transformed SR #81 only) Bunnies die when they get lonely, you know.

構ってくれないと…逮捕します! (Transformed SR #86 only) If you don't care about me... I'll arrest you!

あなたに呼ばれるの…待ってたんですよ? (Transformed SR #124, untransformed UR #73, UR #145 only) I've... been waiting for you to call on me.

じとーっ……あなたと離れたくないって言ったのに…… (Transformed SR #124 only) *stare*... I said that I didn't want to be away from you...

私を放っておいたら、ビームで攻撃しちゃうんですからねっ (High kizuna, transformed SR #162 only) If you leave me alone, I'll shoot you with a beam!

ちゃんとごはんを食べていますか?心配になってしまいます (High kizuna, transformed SR #184 only) Are you eating properly? I got worried.

今日が大事な日だということ、忘れていませんか?やはりサンタクロースの起源からお話を…… (High kizuna, transformed SR #192 only) Did you forget that today's an important day? As I thought, you really should listen to the story of Santa Claus...

あなたと一緒にお風呂に入らなかったから、私を近くに置いてくれないのですか? (Transformed SR #206 only) Are you ignoring me because I wouldn't take a bath with you?

ええっと……どこへ行ってしまったのでしょうか…… (Transformed SR #246 only) Umm... Where did you go...?

桜が散ってしまいますよ! (High kizuna, transformed SR #263 only) The cherry blossom petals are falling!

私では、あなたのおそばにいられませんか……? (High kizuna, transformed SR #311 only) Do you not want me by your side...?

柏餅を用意しておきますから、食べに来てくださいね (High kizuna, transformed SR #317 only) I've prepared some rice cakes, so please come over and have some.

やはり、私には洋装は似合わないでしょうか…… (Transformed SR #326 only) I guess Western-style clothes don't suit me after all...

この矢で撃ち抜けば……あなたは私のことだけ見てくれるでしょうか? (Transformed UR #73 only) If I shoot you with this arrow... will you look only at me?

あなたのこと……信じていますが……見ていてくれないと寂しいです (High kizuna, transformed UR #73 only) I... believe in you, but... it's lonely if you don't look at me.

もう一度……あなたと手をつなぎたいんです (High kizuna, transformed UR #145 only) I want... to hold hands with you again.

ずっとあなたのそばにいたいって言ったのに……私、待っていますから (High kizuna, transformed UR #214 only) Even though I told you that I want to be with you forever... I'm waiting here, you know.

私はスクールアイドルとして、まだまだ未熟みたいです (High kizuna, transformed UR #296 only) I guess I still need more experience as a school idol.